Seminar to Help Firms Get Their Clients Online

Technology and business experts have long been proclaiming the benefits of “the cloud” – getting business online can help with productivity and efficiency, and also help control costs. From the professional accountant’s perspective, having clients that use web-based programs and collaboration tools can also greatly streamline in-firm workflow processes and help the practice be more profitable. Just as the paperless movement of the past decade-plus took a little while to gain momentum and, eventually, wide-spread adoption, it has taken a few years for professionals to embrace web-based programs in their practices and for their clients. Web-based systems such as ASP, SaaS and Web 2.0 services are the business tools of the future, and the firms who are most successful at getting their clients to the cloud, will be the ones who experience the greatest benefit from the technologies. For those professionals looking for some guidance in getting you and your clients into web-based programs, The Sleeter Group will be offering a seminar at several cities across the country specifically geared toward helping accounting firms find the best technologies, how to implement them, security concerns, best practices, and other ways to get the most of the time saving and productivity-boosting benefits. The Sleeter Group is headed by Doug Sleeter, who writes a column for our publication. He will be joined in giving the seminars by our Executive Editor Darren Root, CPA.CITP. Titled, “Taking Your Clients Online: How to Transform Your Client Relationships Using Cloud Computing,” the seminar will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area on July 20, followed by Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Pricing starts at $129 for the full-day event, which includes continental breakfast. More information on the seminars is available at