Thomson Reuters Launches New Accounting Platform—Accounting CS

Thomson Reuters announced the new Accounting CS platform today, which combines write-up, live and after-the-fact payroll, trial balance, financial reporting, and client accounting into a single unified platform. Among the many improvements reported, the new architecture allows firm staff and clients to collaborate in real time and eliminates the need for importing, uploading, and other forms of client data transfer that can hinder efficiency. Accounting CS was designed from the ground up and takes full advantage of Internet technology. Thomson reports that the enhanced platform offers: Ability to divide work by task, not just by client—Staff can perform accounting tasks and apply them to multiple clients in just a few steps. It also opens new workflow options; staff members can specialize by task and not simply focus on client-by-client work. Enhanced accountant/client collaboration—Firms can configure their clients’ online access and usage of their data. This empowers the accountant to customize a unique client accounting tool for each client while eliminating the need for a separate client-side database. Ability for multiple staff to work on the same client simultaneously, offering greater firm efficiency and collaboration. Enhanced payroll features, including batch payroll processing and advanced configuration options designed to streamline the entire payroll process. More information on Accounting CS can be located on the Thomson Reuters website at