Sage Brand Discussed at Thought-Leader Summit

Last week, I was very fortunate to be one of about 20 professionals who were invited to part of a Thought-Leader Summit in Las Vegas. Most of us in the room provide information to the accounting marketplace through content, social media or consulting services. Sage sponsored the meeting because it wanted feedback and advice on how to effectively reach out to the accounting profession - but what I think the company really wanted to validation on its brand. A few of us in the room who work in public relations and marketing realized this right away. The consensus was that Sage needed to simplify its brand by focusing on core messages about its products to the accounting profession. With so many brands (MIP, Peachtree, MAS and several new ones), how can the average accountant begin to understand what Sage has to offer, let alone make sense of this to push out solutions to clients? This point was driven home very eloquently by Jennifer Wilson of ConvergenceCoaching. Thank you Jennifer! Although the discussion was heated at time - driven by the fact that this group of leaders are VERY passionate about what they do - I hope Sage walked away with information it can use to make itself more organized and more useful to the profession. Time will tell.