Stay Tuned for a Stronger Microsoft

You would have to living on the side of a mountain not to hear about Microsoft and the problems its endured over the last several years: declining revenues, slow-to-market product growth and the shortcomings of Windows Vista are just a few of the issues. I believe things are about to change – for the better. This fall will see the debut of Windows 7, and although experts tell us it’s really only a bandage to fix Vista’s problems, it’s still expected to be huge in terms of business and consumer buy-in. What I like even better – and the rationalization for my opinions – is the way Microsoft will capture the Web-enabled market through Office 2010. explains how this off-the-shelf software is getting a cloud computing-like makeover: “If you’re used to collaborating on documents over email, or ensuring remote access to files by emailing them to yourself, Office Live Workspace is a completely new way of doing business.” This statement is obviously designed to capture our attention because it’s one of those “duh” statements. Of course, all of us collaborate on documents over e-mail and want remote access. In our SaaS-designed world, this will become the standard of doing business.