My Wish List for AICPA Leadership Academy Candidates

Today, AICPA is launching its first-ever Leadership Academy  in Chicago - a three-day gathering designed to train young CPAs on issues related to the profession so they can be more effective leaders It is the brainchild of AICPA's Chair Ernie Almonte. What a great idea! It not only helps young CPAs realize their potential; it most likely will create some leaders who will rise up in their firms, companies and within Institute ranks. Best of all, it will help promote the accounting profession. Now that you have the background, here's my plea to Mr. Almonte. Please educate tomorrow's leaders on the importance of marketing and communications. I know there's a social media component to the workshop, but that only scratches the surface. Here's my wish list: Ensure young CPAs realize that the value of marketing and communications cannot always be measured in numbers; sometimes it's the value associated with improving a company or firm brand that matters. Young CPAs need to speak out on issues related to the profession - they shouldn't take a back seat to their older, wise counterparts. We need to hear from young voices so that firms and employers can respond to their needs. It's time to shake things up - the Millennial and Gen-Y generations are poised to break the rules. Let's make sure they do. Promote technology to its fullest potential. Remember, these generations grew up with technology from birth. Have a plan to stay in the profession. With so many options and opportunities all around us, there are fewer CPAs and accountants in the profession, and the Boomers will continue to leave as they get older. This isn't so hard to achieve, is it? I hope to see many reports about the outcome from the Leadership Academy - and have high hopes it will be really successful.