2012 Review of Doc.It Suite 3.4

Doc.It, Inc. – Doc.It Suite 3.4


From the May 2012 review of Document Management systems.

Best Firm Fit

Doc.It has identified firms with twenty to a few hundred staff. However, they are looking forward to focusing on firms in the five to fifteen category. Due to the modular design of Doc.It , the system can be effectively deployed over a multi-year cycle that will allow you to embrace the appropriate functionality according to your firm’s timetable.

Click here to go to a case study that shows how one firm uses Doc.IT.


  • Binder feature that organizes engagement specific files for efficient access and processing
  • WIP vs. Archive Binder design
  • New .NET portal platform with expanded functionality
  • Auto recognition of individual documents or batches
  • Depth of functionality with workflow, scheduling, portal, scanning and more
  • Document security and retention features
  • Integration with ProFx Engagement and Caseware work paper systems

Potential Limitations

  • Lack of a SaaS offering at this time. However, a number of Doc.It firms are utilizing Xcentric (www.xcentric.com) to host the system for them
  • Limited “out of the box” integration with tax software applications


Doc.It offers a comprehensive suite of eight paperless applications that are fully integrated and support a “best of breed” strategy in regards to deploying along with the various accounting and tax software applications on the market. Doc.It continues to evolve through a consistently steady product upgrade and enhancement strategy. At this stage, it is one of the most comprehensive DMS solutions available to firms.

Some of the more notable features of Doc.It include:

  • Doc.It Archive module stores all of the final documents from a completed engagement in PDF format. This application is designed to facilitate the storage, retrieval, searching and purging of archived information.
  • Doc.It Publisher is the application that converts files into a fully bookmarked PDF file for the Archive system. The primary objective is to lock down the completed engagement workpapers for better control.
  • Doc.It’s Policy Manager maintains consistent “librarianship” by controlling the naming, retention period and storage location of every document.
  • Doc.It WIP Binder is designed to manage all of the files associated with an engagement while it is actively in process. The Binder features include:
    • Drag and drop files and Outlook emails directly into the binder
    • Check out binders to a local device for access when disconnected from the server
    • Document version history with option to roll back to a previous version
    • One button publishing of documents to PDF and transfer to Doc.It Archive
    • Doc.IT PDF Editor application supports viewing and annotating PDF files as a substitute to Adobe Acrobat. Features that are unique to accounting and tax services include a built-in calculator with a virtual “tape” that can be pasted onto the document, a set of customizable tick marks, secure signatures and e-mail encryption.
    • Doc.It Scan & Forms Recognition module is a utility that will “clean up” scanned document images with auto-rotation and de-skewing. The forms recognition feature will auto organize documents that are scanned.
    • Doc.It Workflow is the application that provides the workflow automation capability. In addition to setting up your business processes for tracking engagements, their Smart Scheduler application will automate the staff scheduling process. The Scheduler takes into account a multitude of factors including staff availability, skill sets, vacation scheduling and self-assignment.
    • Doc.It Portal facilitates the publishing of documents for self-service access by clients via the web. Automatic email notifications of file upload and download activity.
    • WIP Binder utilizes templates that organize files by the type of engagement. Files can be put into the binder via drag and drop.
    • Direct integration with Caseware and ProFx Engagement

Executive Summary & Pricing

Doc.It provides a complete paperless solution with an open design that facilitates using it with virtually any tax and accounting software applications. Doc.It has consistently pursued a product development strategy that addresses the unique needs of the various stages of traditional accounting and tax processes: scanning, scheduling, work in process, archiving and file sharing through the portal.

2012 Ratings:

  • Core Product Functions/Features:5
  • Document Workflow:5
  • Document Control:5
  • Special Features: 4.5

2012 Overall Rating: 5 Stars