2011 Review of FUND E-Z Development Corporation — FUND E-Z Nonprofit Accounting and Fund Raising Software

Fund E-Z Development Corporation - Fund E-Z Accounting

From the November 2011 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Systems

Best Fit
FUND E-Z is an excellent fit for small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations that need an easily navigated fund accounting product that is available in Basic and Pro editions.


  • Scalable, with two editions available
  • Outstanding Fundraising module
  • Easy system navigation
  • Solid reporting capability
  • Excellent budget functionality

Potential Limitations

  • No document management capability
  • Limited/no dashboard functionality


FUND E-Z Development Corporation has been offering fund accounting software to nonprofit organizations for more than 20 years. With the Version 10 release, FUND E-Z now offers a completely rewritten product that is available in a client/server model, as well.

Basic System Functions
FUND E-Z is easily installed in minutes. The newly designed interface features a ‘ribbon-style’ menu similar to Microsoft Word, but with a more simplified structure. Users can easily customize the main menu by using the My Active Tasks option that offers the option to record frequently used functions and tasks for quick access in the future. System modules are accessed from the top of the main screen or from the Home screen. The Quick Access Toolbar provides the ability to customize the toolbar with the menus and options that are commonly used. Data-entry screens are easily navigated and uncluttered, and all contain the requisite lookup options.

FUND E-Z offers the following modules: GL, AP, AR, Bank Reconciliation, Budgeting, Client Billing, Direct Allocations, and Security and Tools. The Pro version includes customizable chart of account features/abilities, Indirect Allocations, Batches, Purchase Orders/Encumbrances and Custom Report Writer modules. FUND E-Z is available in two versions: FUND E-Z Standard and FUND E-Z Pro. 4.75

Core NFP/Fund Accounting Capabilities - 4.75 Stars
FUND E-Z offers a true table-driven account structure that allows up to 100 characters (Pro) and up to 10 segments. FUND E-Z Basic allows users to utilize up to 22 characters and up to five segments when setting up accounts. The system can easily handle multiple transaction types, including system adjustments, cash transactions, recurring and reversing journal entries, and accruals. Budget detail is easily tracked and maintained, with budget amounts available for a 24-month period and with the following period options: this fiscal year, next fiscal year, next calendar year, last fiscal year and last calendar year. Users can easily click on any revenue or expense account to view budget detail, make budget revisions or delete items as needed.

FUND E-Z’s optional Fund Raising module can be run as a stand-alone module or fully integrated with the fund accounting system. Donor information can be imported from Excel, with the ability to track both individual and corporate donors. Unlimited contact information can be entered for each donor. The Fundraising module allows for management of gifts, pledges and memberships, as well as creation of fundraising campaigns. It can also be set to automatically send gift acknowledgements.

Individual accounts can be created for each grant that needs to be managed, allowing users to track everything from grant expenditures to available funds. FUND E-Z includes automatic fund balancing at multiple segment levels, ensuring that all accounts and sub-accounts will be in balance. They system does not provide a year-end closing function, thus allowing users to maintain multiple fiscal years for multiple fund accounts if needed. An excellent audit trail records all system transactions. Users can easily email invoices directly to clients and donors, and remote server connectivity provides system access from anywhere.

Management Features - 4.25 Stars
As previously noted, FUND E-Z allows users to easily track and compare budgets. Budget revisions can be made while keeping the original budget information intact for easy comparison. Users can auto-create budgets based on historical data, revising when needed. Security is menu-level, with system administrators able to set access to both account- and segment-level features. A Require Strong Password option is available, and security can be set for individuals or groups. Budget limits can be monitored on-screen, and AR mail merges can be created with appropriates reminders and collection notices sent. Users can also create and send custom statements to donors for pledges or annual appeal donations. The optional Fundraising module is easily customizable.

Financial Statements & Reporting - 5 Stars
FUND E-Z offers excellent reporting options. They can be run as is or easily customized by applying report filters. Custom reports can be created the standard reports as templates. Users can also access report totals by simply drilling down to the originating document. The Setup Financial option allows for filters, sequences and groupings for each financial report. The solid selection of financial reports includes both FASB and GASB reporting options. The Funders Report provides a list of all active grant programs, and the grant module offers up to 20 user-defined fields to track as needed. The GL Detail Report provides a list of transactions applied to each fund account. All FUND E-Z reports can be exported to numerous file types including PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSx, CSV, Text, and Image files. FUND E-Z also integrates with F9 Financial Reporter for additional report customization.

Integration & Import/Export - 4.5 Stars
As previously noted, FUND E-Z can easily export reports to a variety of file formats. Users can also import/export data from/to Excel or text files. FUND E-Z provides a fully integrated product, with all modules and add-ons designed to work together. Remote desktop access can provide accountants with easy access to organization files for review or editing as needed.

Help/Support - 4.25 Stars
FUND E-Z contains basic Help functionality, along with various training options. Webinars are also available, and classroom training options are listed on the vendor’s website. All system updates and downloads are available on the FUND E-Z website for convenient downloading. Various annual support plans are available, with pricing dependent on the number of licensed users. All annual support plans providing toll-free support.

Summary & Pricing

FUND E-Z Fund Accounting Standard currently costs $1,995 and Pro $3,490 for a single-user system. The Fund Raising module is an additional $995. Available in two editions, this product is suitable for the smaller nonprofit looking for a product that can grow along with them.

2011 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars