2011 Review of Intuit Inc — QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit Edition

Intuit Inc. - QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit Edition



From the November 2011 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Systems

Best Fit
QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit 2011 is best suited for smaller nonprofits that are looking to get organized quickly and inexpensively.


  • Easy installation & system navigation
  • Numerous tutorials & training videos available
  • Good reporting
  • Affordability
  • Solid budget tracking
  • At-a-glance snapshot of customer activity

Potential Limitations

  • Easy to outgrow
  • No true grant or fundraising capability


QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit Edition offers nonprofit organizations access to the power of QuickBooks along with a nonprofit-specific chart of accounts. The system can accommodate up to five simultaneous users, making it a good fit for smaller nonprofits.

Basic System Functions - 4.5 Stars

QuickBooks installation is consistently easy, with the product offering an automatic scan of the latest updates, which can be downloaded immediately prior to or after product installation. QuickBooks Premier Not-For-Profit provides a user-friendly interface that can be easily customized to offer as much or as little information as desired. The product is divided into separate navigational areas, making it easy to quickly access the functions desired. Data-entry screens are intuitive with appropriate lookup fields and centers designed for quick access to all related functions. System setup wizards and short tutorials will guide unfamiliar users through the system quickly.

QuickBooks offers a complete financial system, but does not contain separate modules. The Non-for-Profit edition includes Nonprofit, Company, Customer, Vendor, Employee, Online Banking, Document Management, and the Report Center features. A long list of product add-ons is also available, including a payroll option that can be managed by Intuit or by the user. Other add-on options include website creation and hosting and the ability to accept credit cards.

Core NFP/Fund Accounting Capabilities - 4.25 Stars

QuickBooks offers users a standard chart of accounts option suitable for nonprofit organizations or users can opt to utilize the United Way standard chart of accounts. Account structure can be further customized to reflect individual user needs. A new feature in the 2011 version of QuickBooks Premier is the addition of batch invoicing, which allows users to invoice numerous donors simultaneously, making it easy to create multiple invoices for pledges or annual donations. Users will need to get used to QuickBooks terminology, with donations recorded as sales receipts, and pledges booked as invoices. Budgets can be created for each account, with the ability to enter multiple budgets for each class entered in each account. The Class function is where all projects and programs are entered and tracked. Budget detail can be tracked within each class, with Budget vs. Actual easily managed for all donors and projects. Users can track donor information and can easily add specific donor types or levels in order to track donations by type.

Grants can be tracked by adding them into the system as a customer/job, and recording and tracking all activity against that customer. QuickBooks also offers excellent audit trail functionality, and a detailed audit trail report lists all system activity by system user and function. The system provides a long list of electronic features such as direct email invoicing, and the ability to access the system remotely. Other features include an e-payment option, as well as an e-banking function. Direct integration with Microsoft products such as Word and Excel make it easy to produce donor letters and direct mail appeals.

Management Features - 4 Stars

New in 2011, QuickBooks has added a Customer Snapshot to the company and payments dashboards. The Customer Snapshot provides management with a solid level of detail regarding customer activity, active donors and donations due. User-level password security is available, and system administrators or managers can assign specific access levels for each employee. Users can also access various AR reports to determine delinquent donors and process follow-up or collection letters. Customer/donor information can be obtained from the appropriate center, and pledge/donor thank you letters and appeal letters can be processed using the mail merge function, with the ability to save the letters for future use. Intuit also offers an optional document management service.

Financial Statements & Reporting - 4.25 Stars

Existing reports can be customized in areas such report data, specific reporting filters, and headers and footers. Company financial statements can be further customized to better suit user preferences. Financial reports within the system include Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Functional Expenses (Form 990), and Statement of Financial Income and Expense. A good selection of grant reports are available, as well, including Donor/Grants, Budget vs. Actual – Donors/Grants, and Biggest Donors/Grants. The Report Center makes report access quick and easy, and provides the ability to view a report type prior to processing to ensure that the correct report is processed. All reports can be easily exported to Excel, emailed to recipients directly from the print screen, or saved as PDFs.

Integration & Import/Export - 4.75 Stars

QuickBooks users can easily export data into Microsoft Office products such as Word and Excel. And as previously noted, reports can be exported in CSV format, or exported directly into an Excel workbook, and users can save reports as PDFs. The list of available add-ons for QuickBooks continues to expand, making it easier than ever to locate a wide range of products that will easily integrate with the system. The Online Accountants transfer option makes it easy to integrate system data with that of the organization’s accountant, with the ability to transfer data between systems as needed.

Additionally, if a user wishes to customize the experience, QuickBooks 2011 provides the ability to send invoices and estimates straight from their business’s Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail account. The new Webmail integration allows easy emailing right from QuickBooks without going through the steps of setting up Outlook. Users can keep all of their business emails in one place, easily track which invoices they have sent out and attach any additional documents as needed.

Help/Support - 4.75 Stars

An excellent Help function found within the product provides users with the answers to just about any question. The Live Community button provides access to a pretty comprehensive collection of users where questions and solutions are posted. Product tutorials can be easily accessed at any time, and the abundant use of wizards throughout makes it easy to get things up and running. QuickBooks provides all users with real-time system updates the minute the system is accessed, with the user able to choose if the updates should be downloaded at that time.

A series of user’s guides and training manuals are available for easy access or download as needed. Varying levels of product support is available, with new users receiving 30 days of free support. Training options are also extensive and include learning guides and training seminars. Product support capability varies with some support going overseas, but any escalated support or payroll support is done in the United States.

Summary & Pricing

QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit 2011 is priced at an affordable $399.95 for a single user, which reflects a drop in the pricing from 2010. The product is well-suited for the small nonprofit organization that requires solid financial capability along with a nonprofit-specific account structure. Generally affordable for even the smallest nonprofit organization, QuickBooks Premier Not-For-Profit provides the features needed at a user-friendly price.

2011 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars