2011 Review of Advanced Micro Solutions, Inc. — 1099-Etc, A-T-F Payroll


Advanced Micro Solutions, Inc. — 1099-Etc, A-T-F Payroll

Best Fit: Accounting professionals and small businesses who need a value-priced program for after-the-fact payroll & employment tax compliance, as well as firms who prefer locally installed applications to web-based tools.

From the Sept. 2011 Review of Professional Payroll Programs

1099-Etc is designed as an after-the-fact payroll and year-end reporting processing system for accounting professionals and small businesses. The system supports live payroll, but is primarily designed for accounting professionals that perform monthly and/or quarterly compliance work. Business entities may also use the program for year-end reporting compliance.

  • Good tool for year-end reporting & interim after-the-fact payroll & tax compliance.
  • Electronic wage detail filing is supported for more than 25 states.
  • Base price of $75/year & a full package at $405/yr including all modules (ATF payroll, tax tables, program updates & fileable payroll tax forms) is a great value.
  • Imports from QuickBooks & Sage Peachtree and other systems using CSV & Excel files.
  • Importing of timesheet data not supported.
Possible Limitations




1099-Etc is offered as a base product that performs year-end W-2 and 1099 reporting. Four additional modules are separately available. These add-on modules provide extended functionality and product enhancements and are detailed in full throughout the review. The program is installed on a user’s local Windows-based personal computer, and can be installed on either a single workstation or in a network environment. Both installation methods are included in the base pricing model.

1099-Etc opens to a splash-screen style box that contains various shortcuts and menu options to other areas of the program. All shortcuts and menu items on the main menu screen are fixed and cannot be customized. Multiple users are allowed to access the program at the same time. Access restrictions can be placed at the user level as well as on specific client files assigned to each. Navigation through the program is intuitive, and users can start processing W-2s and 1099s with little upfront training. Most screens are form-fill in design, although some import options do exist to mitigate manual data entry.

1099-Etc is designed for accounting professionals who primarily perform monthly or quarterly after-the-fact payroll compliance. 1099-Etc currently supports up to 1,999 client files with each file containing no more than 9,999 employees. All federal, state and some local jurisdiction tax tables are available for processing. Support for multiple pay rates and up to 40 deductions for each employee are available, as well. An unlimited number of payrolls may be run through the system at any desired time interval. However, no batch processing exists within the product, so multiple payrolls or multiple companies cannot be run at the same time. Direct deposit is supported with up to four bank and investment accounts for each employee. Employees without bank accounts may be issued a traditional paper check.


The 1099-Etc Electronic Filing module supports all federal reporting requirements, including electronic filing of annual W-2 and 1099 information with the IRS and Social Security Administration. State electronic filing is also available for almost all states where required. With the Forms-Etc module, users will have access to nearly all federal and state payroll related forms. These forms are fileable and can be printed out on preprinted forms or on white paper. Due to the nature of the product, no custom forms or reports other than for client letters and billings can be created. All forms and reports can be saved and archived outside the product in PDF format.


1099-Etc has multiple modules available, and each vertically integrates with the other modules. Additionally, 1099-Etc offers importing from both QuickBooks and Sage Peachtree accounting software. Data from other accounting packages can be imported through 1099-Etc via text and Excel files. Due to the intended use of the product, 1099-Etc currently does not offer integration for direct timesheet imports.


1099-Etc features rich Help options available through the Help menu. Traditional Windows style Help along with product tutorials, reference guides and frequently asked questions are all available. Many are available as PDF files that may be saved and viewed outside the product. Also available through the Advanced Micro Solutions website is a categorized support knowledgebase and contact information for phone support. Phone, fax, email and other detailed support options are included in the purchase of 1099-Etc. Updates are automatically downloaded and installed by using the menu options within the software.


1099-Etc does not offer any Internet-based client or employee solutions. As a result, ratings were not considered for this section.


1099-Etc is a good fit for businesses with small payroll loads or that only need to process year-end forms. The program is intuitive to use and requires very little upfront training. Pricing is done per module with the complete system available for around $405. Pricing starts at $75 for the base package, which includes all W-2 and 1099 reporting. Additional modules include printing on blank paper via laser printer, after-the-fact payroll, electronic filing and all payroll forms capabilities, each priced per module, starting at $75. All pricing is annual and not monthly, quarterly or per use.

2011 Overall Rating: