2011 Review of APS, Inc. — APS OnLine Payroll


APS Payroll - APS Online Payroll

Best Fit: Firms who are looking for a web-based payroll solution that interfaces with most accounting applications, as well as companies with more than 100 employees.

From the Sept. 2011 Review of Professional Payroll Programs

APS OnLine is a fully outsourced web-based payroll service solution providing a single platform for payroll processing, human resource (HR) management, time keeping and employee self-service. First introduced in 2004, APS OnLine is currently on its fifth generation release, which is built upon many of the most current Internet standards. The system offers integration with a number of third-party software and benefit providers. APS OnLine is a quality service for small to mid-size businesses of any type.

  •  Publisher indicates that they have over 100 integrations with timekeeping & GL applications.
  • Multi-state payroll withholdings are allowed for employees.
  • eSELFSERVE employee portal provided for all employees at no additional charge, permitting employees to enter routine requests (time off, etc.).
  • Includes light human resources data tracking & secure document filing with different permission levels.
Possible Limitations
  •  May not be the best fit for extremely small employers or public practitioners who need after-the-fact payroll support. 


APS OnLine a wholly Internet-based product. The service can be accessed through any modern Internet browser. User sign-in to the service consists of three components: user ID, password and company code. An unlimited number of users, including an outside accounting professional, may access the service at any time and are included in the licensing costs. APS, Inc. takes security seriously and strives to maintain the integrity of both the sign-in process and the data contained within the service. Many common security measures in place at respectable online vendors are in place within APS OnLine. This includes 256-bit encryption, which is the highest support that current Internet browsers support, full secure server certification and user authentication including sign-in time stamping. APS OnLine does not store passwords in an accessible format on either the user’s local computer or on the APS Inc. servers.

Once signed-in to APS OnLine, navigation is accomplished through a series of drop-down menus, each logically categorized. Once an option is chosen, the data-entry screens are primarily tab driven in nature and are generally intuitive to navigate through. Many data-entry screens are fully customizable and include an intuitive drag-and-drop capability for easy changes. Additionally, the application includes support for multiple types of employees and departments for future report and data-entry filtering. APS OnLine requires users to create data threshold amounts for hours and wage information. These thresholds are then referenced for each payroll run to help reduce data-entry errors.

The payroll preparation process is fairly straightforward. Once all employees are setup, payroll administrators simply enter employee time or adjust the time if timekeeping has been integrated within the system, and the system will process the remainder of the information. Payroll run information may be entered for one employee, a filtered listing of employees or all employees at one time. APS OnLine supports all federal, state and local jurisdictions and allows for multiple state reporting for each employee. Each employee may have an unlimited number of additions or deductions from each paycheck and contain multiple pay rates and pay frequencies. Payroll batches can be run at any time and can include scheduled or unscheduled payrolls as well as individual checks. Direct deposit is supported, as well. And for those without bank accounts, a prepaid debit card option is available.

HR functions are new to the latest release of APS OnLine. Functions include tracking of employee information, such as birthdays, certification renewals and employment anniversary dates, as well as benefits administration, including managing available benefits and employee eligibility.


APS OnLine processes all tax payments and reports on behalf of clients. Reports and forms are processed via electronic submission as accepted by respective tax jurisdictions. All filed tax reports are maintained online within the APS OnLine service and are available for clients to view, save and print as necessary. Once payroll runs are complete, all related data is locked down and cannot be altered in any way. This ensures that historical data and related reports will remain accurate. APS OnLine houses all monthly, quarterly and annual filings as well as employee paycheck stubs in their online repository, DocVault.

Numerous standard employee and HR reports are included. Reports are accessed through an expanding folder tree design. Most reports can be filtered by date, employee, employee type and department, among other choices. Users may also customize reports and save them for future use. Custom reports can be created and filtered through practically any data field type within the company file setup. All reports can be exported to PDF, Excel or HTML formats.


APS OnLine integrates with multiple third-party vendors. Currently, over 100 integrations with accounting general ledger and time keeping programs are built in, including Sage Peachtree and other Sage products, Intacct and Deltek, among others. APS OnLine also integrates with many outside retirement, investment and benefit providers. The vendor offers several add-on time and attendance products that directly integrate with APS OnLine, and many of these can be accessed through the employee portals and can reduce data-entry time required to process payroll.


APS, Inc. assigns a dedicated representative to each customer. This representative is responsible for setting up initial training and is the primary contact person for any support and/or troubleshooting needs. Also available are phone-based support and traditional Help methods within the APS OnLine product.


APS, Inc.’s employee portal, eSELFSERVE, is included with the initial licensing costs. eSELFSERVE allows employees to access various payroll information, including recent pay stubs, payroll history and annual tax documents. The portal also allows for employees to submit time off requests. These requests are submitted to a manager who can quickly view if other employees will be in or out of the office during this time period, which helps reduce any staffing issues that may arise. Managers may also store employee sensitive documents within the service, such as annual reviews or disciplinary documents and can restrict the employee’s ability to view these documents.


APS OnLine is primarily designed for the small to mid-size business market with 100 or more employees, but small businesses may realize benefits, as well. The service offers a core set of payroll and HR functions and has an easy-to-use employee web portal. Pricing for APS OnLine is dependent on the number of employees, associated payroll runs and additional services that may be needed. However, a 250-employee business requiring a bi-weekly payroll will generally be priced between $1 and $3 per employee, depending on required features, such as time & attendance and HR.

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