2011 review of Electronic Sales & Use Tax, Inc. — eFileSalesTax.com


Electronic Sales & Use Tax, Inc. — eFileSalesTax.com

From the August 2011 Review of Sales & Use Tax Systems

Best Fit: Generally small and mid-sized businesses, or accounting firms managing multiple such businesses, with filing requirements in CA, CO, FL or IL. However, some very large national retail outlets also use the system, particularly for CA and CO.

eFileSalesTax.com is a web-based sales and use tax compliance system with separate modules available for electronically filing and remitting sales tax collections to the taxation authorities in California, Colorado, Florida and Illinois. Aside from the limited state website submission system, eFileSalesTax.com is the only authorized e-file provider for California; other software companies output to paper only in California. The program supports all municipal, county and special taxing districts within these four states, and provides alternate forms, schedules and worksheets. In California and Florida, the system is available in English and Spanish. New for 2011, the CA version will include Schedule G for gas stations and other fuel sellers. All versions are available as either a pay-per-use system or via an annual subscription that offers unlimited filing.

Basic System Functions:


  • Very easy-to-use
  • E-filing of returns to each of the supported states
  • Bilingual forms & instructions
  • Gross sales summary reports
  • PDF output
  • Pay-per-use system
  • Multi-client management tools
  • Email/text filing date reminder feature
  • Web-based system can be accessed anywhere
  • No tax table updates required

Potential Limitations:

  • Only four states & some limits on forms
  • State modules don’t integrate
  • Limited client communication templates

eFileSalesTax.com runs on secure servers, with the initial login screen allowing users to select the state for which they wish to file. The system then provides a list of entities for which the user has previously filed. Since the program can support multiple business filers under the same user login, it can be used either by business managers with multiple entities, by accountants or by other financial service providers to manage the filings for multiple clients.

Once within a business entity, the system synchs with the state taxing authority to give users a list of filing periods for which they can process a sales and use tax return, including previous years. The system then allows for entry or editing of preparer information, taking the user to a web-based form for entry of sales data, deductions, adjustments, exemptions, tax district allocations and other information. Form information and instructions are offered for each data field. Overall, the program is simple to use, with intuitive data-entry forms and the ability to import data from QuickBooks files. Since it is web-based, no installation or updating of the system is required.

Compliance Capabilities:

eFileSalesTax.com has modules only for California, Florida, Illinois and the recent addition of Colorado, with support for each of these state’s taxing districts. California forms include: 401-A, 401-EZ, 401-GS, 401-ASR, Schedules A, B, C and G, and prepayment form 1150. For Florida, forms include: DR-15, DR-15CS, DR-7, and DR-15SW Solid Waste Surcharge. For Illinois, eFileSalesTax.com offers forms ST-1, ST-2, PST-2, ST-1x, and ST-2x. For Colorado, the form DR-0100 is supported. The system also offers amended forms.

Although the filing systems for each of the states operate separately, and with separate business/client lists, all of their forms offer similar functionality, with simple data-entry and import options. eFileSalesTax.com is an authorized e-filer for each of these states and submits forms electronically, and also offers e-payment options, including ACH and credit card. As previously noted, since the program is web-based and maintained by the staff at eFileSalesTax.com, all tax table rate and form updates are automatically managed.


The online system stores business returns indefinitely, allowing filers to access them at any time in the future from a list that can be sorted by taxpayer, date and form. Users can also choose to print copies of returns for their records, or save them as PDFs. eFileSalesTax.com offers QuickBooks import of sales and tax data, and in California and Florida gross sales summary reports are available for each business entity, with the ability to import the data into trial balance or tax compliance systems.

A reminder tool is included in the program, allowing users to enter their email address and or mobile phone number to receive an automated message/alert reminding them when a filing period is nearing.


During data entry, the system offers line-by-line Help and form instructions for all fields, and a FAQ option is available at the top of the screen. Additional support resources include newsletters, guidance on specific state filing processes, state forms, PDF publications, and rules and regulations, most of which are available in English and Spanish in the CA and FL versions. Technical support is included with program pricing, with email and phone support options.

Executive Summary & Pricing

eFileSalesTax.com is an easy-to-use compliance system for entities with sales and use tax reporting requirements in the states it supports. It provides multi-business management utilities and an integrated and very useful alerts tool that reminds users of pending filing deadlines. The system can be used as a pay-per-file program for the California and Illinois versions, at a cost of $7.95 per filing. For users managing multiple entities, an annual price of $229 allows filing of unlimited returns for any number of businesses. For Florida, the cost is $39 per year for all filings for one company, or $129 per year for up to the first five different entities and $39 per year for each additional five. Pricing for Colorado is dependent upon the nature of the business, and users should contact the vendor for more information.

2011 Overall Rating: