Drake Software — Drake Document Manager


Drake Software - Drake Document Manager

From the July 2011 Review of Document Storage Systems

Best Firm Fit:
Drake Document Manager is designed to serve as an extension of the Drake tax and write-up applications and will, therefore, be a natural solution with great value for firms that are using these systems.

Core Product Functions/Features:

The Drake Document Manager interface is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. Files are organized in a common cabinet > drawer > folder model that can be customized to the user’s preferences. The default configuration of folders includes a folder for each of the Drake applications: tax preparation, tax planning and client write-up.

An integrated PDF print driver facilitates converting reports and documents to PDF format. This feature includes the option to encrypt and password protect the PDF file at the time of creation, as well as apply a custom watermark to the document.


  • Direct integration with Drake tax preparation, planning & write-up applications
  • Configurable document folder structure
  • Pricing, since it is included in the price of the Drake tax software at no additional charge
Potential Limitations:
  • No SaaS/hosted option available


The key integration factor is with the Drake tax preparation, tax planning and client write-up applications. The output from these systems can be sent directly to the Document Manager as PDFs. In the tax software, users can opt to publish and store the entire return, or only selected forms.

E-mail integration is provided to send documents from within the Document Manager. Files can be imported from Windows Explorer via drag and drop.

Advanced Functionality:

Drake Document Manager lets you password protect stored files, and an activity log tracks the document activity and the person, data and time that the activity took place. Users can also change the status of the document from draft to review to final, as appropriate.

Executive Summary & Pricing

As with most of the solutions in this review group, the Drake Document Manager derives its value from the direct integration with the vendor’s tax and accounting applications. Beyond that, the feature set for managing all documents across your firm is limited. Document Manager is included in the Drake software bundle for the single price of $1,495, which is available for as low as $1,095 with early season discounts.

2011 Overall Rating