Boyle Henderson's Day Off

In our August 2006 issue, we offered professionals an excuse to take off on August 15 (see article at No more IRS deadlines on that date, so why not enjoy one last summer break before the fall deadlines start coming in. We realize that many of you are bona fide workaholics, but some professionals did break free on the first annual Accounting & Tax Professionals’ Day Out and shared their stories with us.

Here’s what Louisiana CPA Boyle Hendersen did with his personal one-day holiday (we hope he makes it an annual event and sends us some pictures from the air next year):

What Did You Do on Aug. 15?

“Visit an old friend … that’s always a good thing to do,” I thought as I read your comments about freedom day. “Yes, after 33 years of public accounting, it would be great to have a day off,” I told myself.

So off I went, in the cool of the morning to visit N4294P, my newly painted, newly upholstered piper Saratoga airplane — my old friend.

I pay the bills. I arrange the maintenance. Boy, that plane looks good on paper. But after two months absent, it was time to FLY. So fly I did. Locally, low and slow, getting reacquainted. The engine hummed, the autopilot worked flawlessly, the earth slipped by and as the wheels left the ground, all my cares and worries slipped away.

For one lovely hour it was just me and N4294P — man and machine in perfect harmony. It has taken me cross country, but not today. Today, we only ventured 40 miles from home base, but it was still special.