FUND E-Z Development Corp. — FUND E-Z Fund Accounting Software

From the Oct. 2007 Review of NFP Accounting Systems

FUND E-Z Development Corporation has provided small to midsize nonprofit organizations with an affordable software product for over 16 years. The latest version (Version 9) of FUND E-Z continues this tradition, offering a solid core product with add-ons designed to make running a nonprofit a little less complicated.

A dropdown menu bar is located at the top of the main user interface screen. This features access to files, all system modules, utilities and the Help function. Vertically displayed to the right of the screen are speed buttons, which provide users with easy access to frequently used functions such as Donors, Funds, Gifts and Donations, Invoices, Orders, and various Cost Centers. New companies (Datasets) are added by selecting a dataset, then clicking on the options tab. Users can choose to add a new company, a sample agency, or import data from a backup file or a data folder. New users will find it helpful to browse through the FUND E-Z Basics found in the Help feature. This will explain the various tabs and terminology used throughout the program.

System navigation becomes smoother once the user becomes accustomed to slightly different interface options such as a ‘+’ sign for entering new transactions, companies called datasets, and a ‘list’ tab to access lookup functionality. Data-entry screens contain a view/edit tab, along with a browse tab, which allows users to switch back and forth. All data screens contain print, calculate, copy and locate tabs at the bottom of the screen.

FUND E-Z’s core modules include GL, AR, AP, Client Billing, Purchase Orders, Fund Raising, Allocations, Utilities and Security. The optional Data Access Component (DAC) offers the ability to customize reports by using Microsoft Access and various wizard screens. DAC allows users to choose columns, filters and sorting options for reports. Also available is the HIPAA Billing module, an electronic billing system that nonprofits can use to process and bill Medicaid throughout the United States.

Currently, FUND E-Z is available in 1, 2, 3, 5, or unlimited user/dataset versions. The single-user version can only accommodate one dataset, the two-user system, two datasets, etc. Users/datasets can be added as needed.
FUND E-Z Development Corporation has announced that a full rewrite of FUND E-Z will be available in 2008, offering a SQL version, new modules and increased product functionality.

FUND E-Z currently employs a five-level account structure that can utilize up to 22 alphanumeric characters. The program handles direct and indirect allocations. Direct allocations can be automatically distributed to various departments, and an unlimited number of allocation groups can be used for indirect allocations. The Fundraising module easily tracks extensive donor information, including last donation amount, last donation date and largest donation amount received. Pledges can also be recorded, including date, related event, amount and any balance due.

The Letters/Labels feature contains various correspondence templates, including acknowledgement, pledge, membership and thank you letters. AP, AR, and GL transactions can be entered one at a time or batch entry can be utilized for larger numbers of transactions. As well, the extensive Utilities menu allows for the easy import or export of data using a comma-delimited format.

REPORTING – 4.5 Stars
Hundreds of standard reports are included. The ‘Setup Financials’ function lets users choose filters, sequence, column, and row codes as well as subtotals and totals. Standard nonprofit financial statements and FASB 117 financial statements are easily produced. Fundraising reports are also numerous, with donor listing, donor comments, donor detail history, gift/donation listing, pledge detail, and donor/pledge receipts and statements. The drilldown capability found in FUND E-Z makes it easy to access transaction detail down to the originating document, with fixed reports reflecting new data immediately. The DAC add-on module provides even more financial reporting customization.

FUND E-Z offers an annual technical support agreement that provides unlimited telephone support, free access to the support center, free software revisions, and free access to data analysis and repair services. Prices vary depending on the number of users, starting at $295 annually. Training options include On-Demand Video Training, Web-Based Live Training, and On-Site Training and Consulting.

FUND E-Z costs $695 for the one-user/one dataset system. A five-user/five dataset system is $2,190. The add-on DAC reporting module is $695 and requires Microsoft Access. The HIPAA compliant billing system is $4,995 for the single-user version and includes the base accounting system. With the excellent Fundraising module, along with allocation capability, FUND E-Z is a terrific choice for small to midsize nonprofits that need an excellent nonprofit system that won’t break the budget.

2007 Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars