PropertyBoss Solutions — PropertyBoss 2007

From the Jan./Mar. 2008 Review of Property Mgmt. Systems

PropertyBoss 2007 is a comprehensive property management software product suitable for residential, multi-family and specialty markets such as military, university and affordable housing, as well as senior living management.

PropertyBoss utilizes separate databases for each type of management scenario employed. Users simply choose the database they wish to access when logging onto the system. The program’s main screen is visually pleasing. To the left of the screen, users have access to major system functions such as PropertyBoss Today, Accounting, Managing and Customize. The majority of the screen is used by the PropertyBoss Navigator, which contains links to items such as Print Statements, Move-Ins and Move-Outs scheduled for the week, number of pending work orders, and percentage of delinquencies. A QuickStart option takes users to various implementation and training options designed to get them up and running as quickly as possible.

Data-entry screens are easily navigated, with action buttons at the bottom of every screen. The Units and Lease Navigator provides access to a complete listing of all units. Tabs provide additional options including the ability to edit the unit, create a new unit, create a new lease, view reports, view the unit register, and enter a transaction specific to that unit.

The Prospects Navigator allows for entering new prospects, showing whether an application has been filled out and whether a credit check has been processed. New leases can be created directly from the Prospects Navigator, and Thank You notes can be processed automatically.

PropertyBoss allows users to open multiple windows in the program, and the Open Windows function to the left displays a list of all currently open windows. All screen displays can be exported to Excel, printed or e-mailed as needed. At the top of the screen, the New button allows users to quickly add a new lease, unit, tenant, prospect or vendor.

PropertyBoss can be deployed using a variety of methods, including the traditional desktop, across a network, self-hosted over the web, or web-hosted using the SaaS model. The core PropertyBoss system comes with prospect tracking, applicant screening, lease management, third-party fee management, work order management and an accounting interface to QuickBooks.

Add-ons include the PropertyWeb Suite, which provides the ProspectPortal that lists available units on the property’s website; ResidentPortal that provides work order entry and review; OwnerPortal that shows property statements; and VendorPortal for work order maintenance. Also available is the PropertyWebPay option, which gives residents the option to pay their rent using credit cards, bank drafts or ACH. Finally, PropertyWeb provides a complete website, including a URL and vanity domain name.

Users can choose from a dozen additional add-ons, including PropertyEmail, PropertyMICR (for writing checks), the new PropertyBanking (which allows users to pay property owners with a direct draft), and PropertyLoan (which tracks principal and interest for loans held by property managers).

Along with QuickBooks integration, PropertyBoss offers integration with Peachtree, Microsoft Great Plains and Solomon accounting software. The PropertyMeter add-on allows for the import of utility data directly into PropertyBoss for easy tenant billing. And the PropertyCert add-on is easily integrated with PropertyBoss or used as a stand-alone product to simplify the resident certification process for affordable housing managers.

REPORTING -- 4.5 Stars
PropertyBoss offers over 100 default reports, which are separated into categories that include Batch, Budgeting, Property, Prospect, Tenant, Vendor and Work Order. Reports can be viewed on-screen, e-mailed, printed or exported to Excel. Users can also utilize Merlin, the Report Wizard, to modify information in a series of reports, including Rent Rolls, Vacant Units and the Unit Details Report. Merlin allows users to change the report layout, group by options, set different filtering options as needed, and provides sorting options.

SUPPORT -- 5 Stars
The PropertyBoss Annual Subscription Service (PASS) is included with the purchase of PropertyBoss and is renewable every year. PASS includes all maintenance and upgrade releases throughout the year in addition to 10 support units to utilize (including calls, e-mails and faxes), a subscription to the quarterly newsletter, and access to the On-line knowledgebase. Also available for users is EinsteinAnswers, an online guide/library system that supports PropertyBoss products.

Training options are also extensive, with instructor-led web-based training available, along pre-recorded training modules, classroom training and customized on-site training.

PropertyBoss is priced by number of units, with 100 units costing $799; 1,500 units will cost $2,999. Add-on module costs vary, ranging from $129 to $495. PropertyBoss is a flexible product, designed for all types of property management specialties. With the long list of add-ons available, users can purchase the system they need today and add on as necessary.

2008 Overall Rating: 5 Stars