CYMA Systems Inc. — CYMA Accounting For Windows

From the April/May 2008 Review of Contractor/Construction Accounting Systems

Since 1980, CYMA has been providing financial solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. The latest version of CYMA offers many updates to its Job Cost module, which is suitable for construction businesses and contractors alike. The newest version of CYMA works well with Windows 2000 or later, including Windows Vista.

Learning Curve/ Ease of Use -- 5 Stars
CYMA’s main user interface screen contains a drop-down menu bar at the top of the screen, and a drop-down arrow next to the ‘active module’ box allows the users to change modules. The Setup Checklist guides new users through setting up the Job Cost module and includes a list of steps necessary to complete the setup. Up to 10 alphanumeric numbers can be used when setting up a Job Mask configuration, allowing users to enter a job number, base job segment, segment length, type and name. A custom job mask can also be created by utilizing a combination of numbers and letters that reflect the user’s needs. A new feature in the Job Cost module is the enhanced Job Budget Estimator, which now includes delivery dates along with start and completion dates. All purchase orders associated with a specified job can also now be viewed. Both the Job Activity screen and the Enter Labor Grids functions have been enhanced for greater system functionality, as well.

Navigating through the program is easy. The drop-down menu splits functions between maintenance tasks and data entry with a separate area for reporting. Setting up a new job is accomplished by clicking on Maintain Jobs and entering the appropriate information, including total contract information and original contract totals. The budget feature allows for entering revenue, direct labor and material costs, along with subcontracting totals and overhead; it also displays profit margin below. Maintain Overhead and Billing Matrix allows users to define various overhead types and create a journal entry during the process. The Budget Estimator allows for entering materials and skill levels to determine an accurate budget estimate for each job.

Modules & Functionality -- 5 Stars
CYMA is modular in design so users can purchase the modules needed immediately and then add on as the business grows. The System Manager module is required in order to run any of the other program modules. CYMA Financial Management modules available include GL, AR, AP, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory Control, Job Costing, Payroll, Purchase Order, and Sales Order. Add-on modules include CYMA Alerts, an e-mail program, MICR Check Processing, Grant Tracking, Project Tracking, and both Crystal Reports and F9. CYMA also integrates with a wide variety of third-party software applications including HR Net, BNA Software fixed asset management software, StarShip shipping software, and Time Centre attendance and tracking software.

Productivity Tools -- 4.5 Stars
One of the best features found in CYMA is its eDesk, which allows users to link to specific web pages, create instant management reports, facilitate data importing from other applications, and create customized software to various CYMA functions within the software. New in Version 10, CYMA has added workflow entry diagrams for the GL, AR, AP and Payroll modules. A one-step posting process has been added in several system modules. Also added in version 10 is the eDesk sidebar, which contains shortcuts to the CYMA Control Center and the CYMA Module Workflows.

Import/Export/ Integration -- 4.5 Stars
The Job Costing module of CYMA, like all of the other modules, is designed to integrate with all of the modules. As previously noted, CYMA also offers a wide variety of add-on applications as well as integration with numerous third-party software products for additional program functionality. Full import capability exists to import PAS Version 5+ into CYMA, module by module. The General Import operation also allows for the import of data from various third-party applications and spreadsheet software in CSV format.

Reporting -- 4.5 Stars
Reporting options within the product are fair and expand dramatically by utilizing one of the report writing options, such as F9 or Crystal Reports. Reports are listed under categories, and the list expands when selected. Reports can be printed to the screen, to the printer or saved to a file. Reports can also be exported to a variety of file formats, including PDF, RPT, HTML, XML, CSV or Rich Text. They can also be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel 97-2000.

Support & Training -- 5 Stars
CYMA offers users a variety of support options, including unlimited telephone support that starts at $595 per year for one user with five or more modules. Per-incident support is also available at $125 per incident. The Software Maintenance Plan provides users with periodic product updates. The knowledgebase provides access to frequently asked questions and is available simply by entering the user’s product serial number. Product manuals are available for all modules, and online training is available, as well.

Relative Value -- 5 Stars
CYMA modules are currently available for $595 each; additional users and modules are $595 each, as well. The Pervasive Database, which is required, is available for $125, with both single-user and server editions available. It is ideal for small to mid-sized construction companies with labor-intensive projects that require accurate tracking. CYMA is an excellent user-friendly system that is easily navigated and can be up and running quickly.

2008 Overall Rating: 5 Stars