Micronetics, Int’l. — Xpert Write-Up for Windows

From the Nov. 2008 Review of Client Write-Up Systems

Micronetics offers a full accounting suite for small and mid-sized businesses through its Xpert Financials system, which provides modules for GL, AR, AP, inventory, payroll, reconciliation and other key components. The company also offers the Xpert Write-Up system for professional accountants, with after-the-fact payroll, W-2/1099 processing and bank reconciliation functions included. Fully customizable financial reporting options are built into the program, which also offers integration and import capabilities with Microsoft Word, Excel and QuickBooks, and export to major tax preparation systems. Xpert Write-Up for Windows costs $495 per year for a single user, with additional users costing $99 for non-networked environments and $150 each in networked settings. Pricing includes system updates and support for one year. Pricing for the company’s Xpert Financials system is based on selected modules.

During setup of client companies, Xpert Write-Up provides sample charts of accounts and guides users through basic information, including sample company data with which users can train. Client setup functions are performed on well-organized and intuitive entry screens that include pull-down selection lists for various fields, including accounts and types. Existing clients can be selected from the Company Selection screen, which opens within the primary interface to offer a basic spreadsheet view that is sortable by name or columnar data. Xpert supports any number of clients, with unlimited bank accounts, each associated with its own GL number.

The main program interface offers several icons for accessing modules and key program areas. This includes the client selection lists and, within a client, tasks specific to write-up functions for that company, including reconciliation, after-the-fact payroll and W-2/1099 processing. Password protection is offered at the company level, and all activities are tracked via the system’s audit trail. Users can also opt to use a built-in timekeeping function that tracks time spent during write-up activities for each client.

The system’s main Write-Up menu opens within a screen with tabs for moving between Journal Entry functions, Reporting, Financials, Setups, Listings, Year-End Tasks, Utilities, the ATF Payroll system and Custom Reports. Each of these tabs provides further options specific to the task area. The Journal Entry tab, for instance, includes buttons for entering or editing entries, posting and unposting transactions, along with special processing functions such as creating or transferring recurring entries and creating, reversing or transferring reverse entries. Xpert uses a batch entry format for journal entries and supports heads-down, keyboard and hot-key entry as well as the use of graphical menus. Up to 999 user-defined journals can be created with as many as 9,999 supporting schedules per company.

Xpert includes more than 30 standard financial report templates, including multiple balance sheet and P&L options, various schedules, trend and variance analyses, budgets, compilation letters, and year-end options. These reports are accessible via the Financials tab on the Client Write-Up menu, which can be customized for each client using the built-in FinePrint utility. Users can also create up to 9,999 completely custom reports, which can be used as templates across all or select clients. Reports can have up to 26 columns and include data from up to four years. Users can print, view on-screen, or save into Word or Excel formats.

As noted in the reporting section above, Xpert Write-Up can generate reports into Excel and Word formats. The system also integrates fully with the Xpert Financials system and can import client transactional data from QuickBooks, Quicken and ASCII formats. Micronetics also offers an optional utility for transferring trial balance files into preparation systems.

In addition to the index-based Help utility, Xpert Write-Up includes a tutorial on the program disc, along with printed user manuals and installation notes. The company’s website offers downloadable program updates and a web form for contacting support with no additional materials. Technical support is included with the system’s pricing and annual updates.

Xpert Write-Up offers an attractively priced write-up system for professionals with up to moderately complex mid-sized business clients who may have departmental or geographical financial reporting needs, as well as after-the-fact payroll and year-end wage reporting needs. The system offers output to Excel and Word, and includes file formatting for transferring trial balance data into tax systems.

2008 Overall Rating: overall rating