Productivity, Performance, and Profitability: Where Does Your Firm Stand? Take the Productivity Survey Today!

The Productivity Survey

Sponsored by Thomson Reuters

According to the latest professional survey of firms of all sizes, the average compensated hours among principals in top-performing firms is about three percent less. That’s an extra week of vacation each year. This same survey shows that those top-performing firms even earn about 60 percent more than the average firm. So how do they do it? They’ve discovered how to reach their peak performance.* Take the survey now!

The Productivity Survey.v2 includes a series of updated questions to measure your firm’s productivity and adoption of technology. Questions relate to professional practice standards, office processes, workflow, client communications, paperless office technologies, connectivity and general technology utilization.



Each firm completing the Productivity Survey v.2 receives its own individualized report with correlations between overall productivity and acceptance of efficient processes and technology solutions. The firm will see its score in comparison to the overall profession and also in comparison to firms of similar size in its own geographic area.


Each individual report includes suggestions for improving the productivity in your firm. With increased productivity, your firm can meet today’s demands of producing more with less. Take the survey today, and then we encourage you to re-take it in three to six months to see if your results have improved after implementing the suggested changes in processes and procedures.

This may well be the most valuable 30 minutes of your year. Click Here to take the survey now!

The Productivity Survey and Score are sponsored by Thomson Reuters.