Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0

As QuickBooks continues to maintain market share with its small business accounting products, it also continues to push the envelope with products designed not only to fit smaller operations, but those that fit well in growing operations as well. Enter Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0, a hearty version of the QuickBooks product line. Enterprise Solutions 9.0 allows those who find themselves outgrowing their lower-level QuickBooks product to smoothly upgrade without the pain of learning a new, unfamiliar ERP system. A five-user edition of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 costs $3,000, with licenses available in five-user increments up to 30 simultaneous users.

From the June 2009 Review of Small Business Accounting Systems: Tier II

The QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 user interface continues the QuickBooks tradition offering straightforward navigation. Setting up a new company is easy using the company wizard, where users can also choose the industry type that suits their company (such as Contractor, Nonprofit, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Retail, Professional Service and Accountant Edition). A company tutorial can provide basic getting started information to assist new users.

The Home page is the hub of all QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions activity, with centers available for all major functions including Vendor, Employee and Customer Centers. A flowchart style menu is found on the Home page, and clicking on the options above will take users directly to that particular Center. The Banking option is where users can write checks, record deposits and reconcile bank statements. Company, Lists, Reports and Online Services are also available from the menu bar. QuickBooks data-entry fields are easily navigated. And all versions offer an easy-to-use interface, search options and function buttons on all data-entry screens.

Like all other QuickBooks products, Enterprise Solutions 9.0 offers GL, AR, AP, Inventory and Banking functions, along with industry-specific functions depending on the company type. Intuit Payroll Services are also available for an additional cost. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 provides larger businesses the capability to add more users yet maintain the same feel of QuickBooks Pro and Premier. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 also offers some additional features such as the ability to backup data online to ensure data safety, serial and lot tracking, and the ability to track inventory across multiple warehouses using the Intuit Warehouse Management ES add-on application. One user of Warehouse Management ES is included with purchase.

There are several new features found in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0. Simultaneous user capacity has increased to 30 users (up from a 20-user maximum in version 8.0). The online banking function has also been redesigned to include the ability to download all banking transactions. Multi-Currency functionality allows users to increase their sales substantially by making it easier than ever to conduct business globally — especially important in the current economy. The Client-Data Review feature in the Accountant Edition of Enterprise Solutions is a must for accountants tracking client data allows users to search out and correct any accounting errors.

The always-on Audit Trail provides a complete record of every transaction posted within QuickBooks, and the Customer Credit Card Audit Trail helps organize a list of credit card transactions along with the designation of which user initiated the charge. Pre-defined user roles simplify the setup of system users and help to keep data secure by allowing employee access to only the functions they need. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions also increases data capabilities substantially over QuickBooks Pro and Premier, allowing users to keep track of hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors and inventory.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 provides more than 120 standard reports that can be easily customized to suit the business’ needs. Using Intuit Business Analysis ES, users can easily analyze business performance and create custom reports designed to enhance user decision-making capabilities. The Intuit Statement Writer provides users with customizable statement templates and easy integration with Microsoft Excel for easy exporting of reports. Reports can also be emailed as Excel or PDF files directly from the print screen. Additionally, reports can be exported as CSV files. The Company Snapshot, also new in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0, allows relevant personnel to obtain quick, real-time reports that detail vital business statistics such as money owed, pending accounts payable and current account balances.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 works with Microsoft Windows Terminal Server to enable users to easily provide remote access to field employees and key personnel when traveling. The new QuickBooks Instant Messenger allows users to easily chat with each other, and ODBC compliance means users can utilize more third-party applications than ever before to increase productivity.

For all of its power, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 remains an easy-to-install product. An outstanding Help function answers questions, and Learning Center tutorials guide new users through all vital areas of the program. Telephone support is available, as is access to the QuickBooks Support Website, which can assist with product installation, and also offers access to the Intuit Live Community from within the software, where extensive product information can be found. Intuit’s Full Service Plan is included with the product purchase and includes training, unlimited product support, automatic upgrades, reporting services, online backup service and more.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 remains an excellent value for everyone from the sole proprietor to the growing business. Flexibility of design lets users purchase the system they need today, assured that an enhanced version will be available should they need it. With the multiple industry-specific editions and a more enhanced Enterprise Solutions, Intuit has ensured that QuickBooks will retain its market share for the foreseeable future.