CPA Service Group — Disclosure and Reporting Manager

From the August 2009 article on Audit/Engagement Tools, part of the 2009 Review of Engagement & Trial Balance Systems.

The Disclosure and Reporting Manager (DRM) is a workflow tool that helps firms save time in the reporting phase of each engagement. Its automated process allows firms to save time creating engagement letters; audit, review and compilation reports; financial statements with footnotes; management representation letters; and management letters.

DRM allows firms to create an interactive database of their own templates for each of the items listed above to the disclosure checklist. This process allows users to simply use a point-and-click approach to creating documents that need to be delivered to the client. All of the template answers/disclosures in the database are editable and reusable.

Once the disclosure checklist is completed, DRM prints the document of your choice in Word format. Each firm can customize the format of each document to fit their current policies and procedures. After the documents are printed in Word, the user can attach the document to an engagement file.

Firms can use the disclosure checklist of their choice, and the customer service team will integrate your current practice aids into the product so your firm will not need to change practice aids.

Another nice feature is the product’s review module, which allows the firm to easily review all disclosures and documents issued by the firm by doing simple searches of the database. Previously, firms would need to print many documents and then manually review the pertinent section. Now, you can create a simple query to review any areas of concern. The review can be filtered by client, partner, document and subject matter. The Disclosure and Reporting Manager is priced by the engagement, starting at $100/engagement.