CYMA Systems, Inc. — Accounting for Windows Payroll Module

From the September 2009 Review of Professional Payroll Programs

CYMA offers several business and professional accounting packages, including options for fund accounting, job costing and write-up. Offered as an add-on to these accounting packages, CYMA’s Accounting for Windows Payroll system offers full live and after-the-fact payroll processing and compliance capabilities, with the ability to manage unlimited business entities and employees, plus departmental and subsidiary units. The program includes support for all states and multi-state employees, as well as direct deposit, workers’ compensation tracking, and benefits and accruals management. The CYMA Payroll module starts at $645, with unlimited payroll and check printing capabilities included. Users must also run the base Accounting for Windows System Manager, which costs $645 and the Pervasive Database engine, which costs $140. Annual maintenance for the Payroll module is $169.

CYMA’s accounting system is a traditionally installed program, but the program uses interfaces built on HTML and other web technology to provide easy user customization. The home screen for using the program is the eDesk, which allows users to create shortcuts to any program features, reports and tools, or to add links to any websites. If preferred, users can turn off the eDesk and use the program’s other navigation menus and features. To access the Payroll module, users simply select it from the menu or their eDesk. Pull-down menus across the top of the screen then provide payroll-specific options for file management; maintaining employees, departments and locations; entering payroll data; processing runs; reporting; and Help.

For users managing multiple companies, the CYMA system opens to the last client worked on, with a client selection screen available from the file menu providing a sortable spreadsheet list that can be customized to display summary client data. The same customization options are available for employee selection lists. When entering or editing employee information, CYMA offers detailed data-entry screens that include selection lists for selecting employee pay frequencies, class, states, status, rates and other data, as well as lookup options for assigning departments, locations and clients. The screen also offers an expandable menu on the left for quickly mov-ing between employee information, in-cluding defaults, personal info, pay histories, earnings, benefits, taxes and other deductions. CYMA’s Payroll module can be used to manage any type of employee, including salaried, hourly, commission, piecework and tipped. It can also manage bonuses, advances, reimbursements and other miscellaneous pay types. Any number of deductions can be applied to employee pay, either pre- or post-tax.

Time data for employees can be set to automatically populate based on defaults, be imported into the program from spreadsheets or time clocks, or can be manually entered. When processing a run, the system then allows users to post entered type to the payroll run and then process runs that can be performed across all employees on that frequency, or by department, location and even individual employees. Prior to final processing, the system offers a payroll proof, which can be viewed on-screen, saved to file or printed. Employee’s can have pay deposited to multiple direct deposit accounts or partially in print check form. Users can processes unlimited payroll runs or check reprints at no additional cost.

CYMA’s Payroll module offers dozens of reports grouped into categories for employee output, company information, data entry, current period, quarterly reports, GL and journal, annual and miscellaneous, system reports and client grouped reports. All reports can be customized to user and client needs and can be viewed on-screen or saved to several file formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, XML, ODBC and text. The system also includes an audit trail. Compliance, e-filing and electronic payment of federal liabilities is included with the program, and CYMA Payroll can prepare printable forms 940, 941, 1099, W-2, W-3, FUTA and SUT.

All of CYMA’s programs share the same Pervasive Database engine, allowing the programs to work seamlessly with each other and share data as needed. This notably includes integration between the Payroll module and the GL. CYMA also uses customizable Active-X controls for a more seamless integration. The system can export data into multiple formats for import into other accounting packages, and can import data from spreadsheets and employee time clock systems.

CYMA’s Payroll module offers comprehensive capabilities that can handle virtually any payroll situation for small to large employers, with direct deposit, electronic filing and benefits management capabilities in-cluded. It also offers extensive customization options that allow users to tailor almost every aspect of the system to their needs. The program’s direct integration with other system modules makes it an optimal fit for companies using the CYMA suite.

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