NewportWave, Inc. — Year End Solutions (YES) Software Professional

From the October 2009 Review of W-2/1099 Compliance Systems.

The Year End Solutions (YES) Software Professional system from NewportWave is a W-2 and 1099 preparation and year-end compliance program for professional accountants managing multiple clients. The system offers compliance for all 1099, 1098 and 5498 versions, along with 1096, W-2, W-2C, W-3 and W-3C. The program offers import and export capabilities, along with unlimited electronic filing to the IRS and SSA, automated backup and the ability to print to either plain paper or preprinted forms. YES is available in two packages: The Professional version reviewed here provides features designed for accounting firms and costs $200 for a network-ready multi-user license. The $400 Enterprise version includes the same functions along with additional tools for enterprise-level management for use in-house by payer entities. The program can be downloaded in full from the company’s website or installed from disc.

YES opens to a utilitarian main menu screen that offers a series of buttons as the primary navigation menu, with options for accessing payer and recipient lists, print functions, e-filing features, the import/export utility and various tools and setup options. Additional buttons at the bottom of the screen provide backup, restore and program update tools, with the remainder of the screen displaying system information and configuration settings.

The key work areas for YES are in the Payer and Recipients menus. The system does not offer a master payer list, instead providing the Payer Info screen, which offers a view of each entity and its basic information and customized notes displayed in a form view that users can edit or scroll forward and back to other client businesses. A basic Find feature is also available, but provides no sorting or filtering options and, since the system can manage up to 999 payer entities, these features could be a worthwhile addition. YES does provide a master recipient list that allows users to drilldown by payer and then by form type, which results in the program opening a form view of existing forms of that type that can be scrolled between with the ability to sort by name, TIN and other options. A payer-specific list of recipients also appears on Payer screens, showing all employees, contractors and other payees related to that client.

Data-entry tasks are preformed on these form replicas, which pre-populate the employer section of forms and provide pull-down lists for selecting certain fields such as W-2 12a-d. For W-2s, YES also automatically computes FICA and Medicare withholding. The data-entry screens provide a button menu to the right of the form that offers options for error checking, finding/sorting recipient forms, running a totals report and setting up print and system functions. The YES program provides a Tool Box of more than two dozen functions, including the ability to clone recipients for use as a template, format IDs, change a W-2 to a W-2C and various other tasks. Processing functions are generally handled in batch mode, with the program automatically compiling and calculating data for form types. Individual forms can be generated on an as-needed basis. A consolidation feature is also available, allowing users to combine, rollup on ID and perform other functions.

Reporting options in YES are available from the main menu or from payer and recipient screens, providing quick access to output and enabling either batch or single form printing. In addition to forms output onto blank paper or forms stock, users can print detail or summary payer activity reports, payer and recipient lists, mailing labels and transmittals. E-filing functions are included in the program and include a manager screen that allows users to view previously filed forms and access the IRS and SSA websites.

The system allows saving of reports and forms to PDF or exporting of data to text format. YES can import from QuickBooks, dBase, CSV and text-based formats. Backup and restore functions are also included.

The assistance features in YES include a user manual, Quick Start guide, a new features list and contact information. Technical support is free and the vendor’s website includes how-to videos, an online user guide and downloadable updates.

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