Greatland Corporation — Winfiler

From the October 2009 Review of W-2/1099 Compliance Systems.

The Winfiler system is geared toward use by professionals managing the year-end wage reporting and compliance needs of multiple EIN entities, providing full W-2 and 1099 preparation and quarterly and annual reporting for federal agencies and all states. The program allows an unlimited number of client businesses and payees per entity, allows data import from common file formats and offers electronic filing capabilities in the Plus version. Pricing for Winfiler Plus starts at $385 for a single-user version that can be expanded to an additional three users for $119 more or an additional five users for $198. Packages are also available for 10 and 15 users. In addition to its wage reporting software, Greatland offers filing services through which users can have the vendor manage any or all reporting and mailing processes.

Winfiler Plus offers a sleek and intuitive interface with payer and payee selection screens that offer numerous sort, filter and search functions, including the ability to set system defaults that automatically populate forms with pre-set information. Several miscellaneous search fields can also be customized for each payer. The system’s easy-to-use screens and menu structures simplify setup and editing of new entities and payees, including setting 941/943/945 depositor options and state reporting data. Users can quickly scroll between records using browser-like forward and back buttons, and Winfiler also allows users to attach notes to payer and payee data files. For reporting output purposes, users can assign entities to payer groups.

The system’s main interface is centered around the key functions of selecting payers and payees and working with forms, while additional menus across the top provide access to security, system settings, payer and payee functions, print options, mag media generation, and Greatland’s filing services. When working with payee data, the interface offers a form replica entry screen that automatically calculates fields where necessary, with the ability to override these entries.

The program tracks these changes, and also offers options for warning users if FICA withholding amounts are inaccurately entered. Winfiler’s security utility can be set up to limit access by users to specific areas of the program, including data entry for payers, payees and forms, printing functions and system utilities. System preference options such as security settings and alerts can be set on a per-client payer basis or assigned across all payers.

Winfiler Plus can print to blank or preprinted stock, and offers full generation of forms W-2, W-2C, W-2G, W-3, 5498 and 941/943/945. It also offers reports for all states, and includes customizable managerial reporting tools that generate journals for payer, payee, returns, transactions, SUI, FUTA, W-2 summaries and proforma data. Payer groups can be set up for batch processing. E-filing of returns can be performed through the system’s integration with the online systems provided by the IRS and SSA, or users can opt to outsource these functions to Greatland through its Express Services offering, including mailing of recipient W-2s and 1099s.

Winfiler Plus offers data import from multiple common file types, including QuickBooks, CSV and ASCII text files. The customizable journal reports and compliance forms can be printed or viewed on-screen, but the program does not offer export of data into formats for use in outside accounting programs or PDF output options.

Along with the program’s built-in Help utility that includes a PDF user manual, right-click menu options and context-specific guidance, Winfiler users have access to an online support center that provides a knowledgebase and downloadable program updates. Contact information and email bulletins are also available. Technical support is included in system pricing.

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