Advanced Micro Solutions— 1099-Etc

From the October 2009 Review of W-2/1099 Compliance Systems.

Advanced Micro Solutions Software (AMS) offers 1099-Etc as the core system for year-end wage reporting as well as optional modules for payroll, electronic filing and laser forms generation. The system includes support for forms W-2, W-3 and all versions of 1099, with the ability to manage up to 1,999 client businesses (payers) and 9,999 recipients for each client. 1099-Etc offers import capabilities and management reporting options that include PDF generation.

The base program, which includes full W-2 and 1099 paper-based filing capabilities, costs $75. The optional E-File Direct module costs an additional $105, enabling electronic reporting to the IRS and SSA, which is required for client entities with more than 250 recipients. Other options include After-the-Fact Payroll for $105, the Laser Generation module for $75 and the Forms-Etc library for $45. The program and all of its modules can be installed on a networked server or on multiple computers in the same office at no additional cost.

All modules for 1099-Etc are accessed from the core system, which provides a simple interface that uses icons for available add-ons, pull-down menus for system functions and text-based links for managing users, viewing changes, viewing the user manual and contacting the vendor’s support team. When working on W-2 and 1099 tasks, users first select a company from a basic directory-based selection window that includes search functions, as well as the ability to clone payer data when setting up new client payers. The system then offers the main menu for working within that client, with menu options for changing module, editing payer information, accessing and working on forms, entering data, setting system options, batch reporting and accessing Help.

To work with forms, the user selects from various form families (W-2/W-3, 1098, 1099, 5498, Puerto Rico and Other), then selects the specific form, with the program opening up into a precise replica that allows users to quickly enter data and move between form fields. The screens automatically populate payer information and performs calculations where necessary, and information is immediately available for reporting and employer-level form output. 1099-Etc does not offer a recipient selection list, but users can scroll forward and back between all forms of the same type for the same payer (such as all 1099-Misc). 1099-Etc does allow the user to search for recipients, making it pretty easy to find specific recipients.

1099-Etc supports all U.S. year-end reporting requirements, including all states and Puerto Rico forms, with the ability to file electronically to the SSA and IRS if the user has the E-File Direct module, which can produce all required files for reporting to the IRS and SSA, with the user transmitting the data to each agency’s online system. The company also offers various services through which AMS can manage any or all tasks, such as e-filing to agencies and mailing recipient copies. In addition to print-ready versions of all forms plus managerial table and worksheet reports, 1099-Etc includes recipient lists and customizable client letters and mailing labels. All reports can be saved to PDF format.

Data can be imported from QuickBooks and Peachtree, as well as from Excel and most common text file types, including from competitive wage reporting programs. The reporting functions of the system integrate with the optional add-ons, so when used with the Payroll module, employee pay data can be automatically transferred into W-2s. Reports can be saved to PDF, and data can be exported to spreadsheet or text format for use by other programs. With the laser writer module, forms and checks can be printed to plain paper stock.

1099-Etc includes a traditional Help utility, and the company provides a PDF version of the user manual with the program. The support website includes a knowledgebase and FAQ section, along with search functions, access to contact information and downloadable program updates. The system itself can be purchased either on disc or downloaded from the AMS website. Technical support and downloadable updates for the reporting year are included in program pricing.

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