CYMA Systems Inc. - CYMA Not-for-Profit Fund Accounting Software

From the Nov. 2009 Review of Not-for-Profit Accounting Programs.

CYMA Not-for-Profit Fund Accounting Software is a completely modular system that offers a complete financial solution aimed specifically at nonprofit organizations. Ideal for small to mid-sized organizations, CYMA offers excellent scalability, allowing users to purchase the modules they need when they need them.

CYMA’s main user interface contains an active module box where users can choose the module they wish to access. The eDesk user interface makes it easy to access system functions, including learning tools such as the Getting Started Guide, reference materials, the CYMA Update Center and module tutorials. The New in Version 11 tab provides users with a list of the new features and enhancements. eDesk is also fully customizable, with the ability to run CYMA functions directly from links, offer links to web pages, and assist users with data importing.

CYMA offers solid customization capabilities, allowing end-users the ability to customize the Quick Entry Grids interface within each module to better suit their needs. CYMA data-entry screens are easily navigated, with lookup options throughout. Data entry is further simplified by the choice of three keyboard modes.

The System Manager module is required in order to run other CYMA modules. Modules available for the CYMA Not-for-Profit Fund Accounting Software system include GL, Payroll, AR, AP, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Job Costing, Grant Management, and After-the-Fact Entry. With the exception of the System Manager module, all modules can be purchased as needed.

CYMA also offers numerous add-on modules that integrate with the Not-for-Profit product, including the MICR Check Package, CYMA Forms, CYMA Alerts, CYMA State Payroll Forms, Crystal Report Writer and F9 Report Writer. CYMA also integrates with Donor Express, a donor management product. CYMA Not-for-Profit Fund Accounting Software also integrates with numerous third-party solutions such as those providing human resources, fixed assets, food service and employee time clock functionality.

CYMA’s Not-for-Profit software offers users a 24-character alphanumeric account number structure with the ability to use up to 10 segments in each number sequence. There is a laundry list of new features available in the latest version of CYMA, including the ability to allocate transactions to Jobs, Grants, Projects and Transaction Classification Codes. The Grant Tracking financial overview tab has also been updated with additional information, including Total Funding, Amount of Funding Still Required, Amount Invoices and Net Fund Status.

CYMA allows for an unlimited number of companies or organizations. Fund restrictions can be categorized as unrestricted, temporarily restricted or permanently restricted. Expenses and revenues can be automatically allocated in both GL and AP modules. The Due To/Due From feature helps ensure complete fund balancing for all transactions. The optional Grant Tracking module provides users with the ability to define grant specifics; enter and track grant budgets; define funding sources for each grant; and enter, maintain and track programs, activities and expenses for each grant defined in the system. Data can be imported from other products via CSV files; and other information, such as reports, are easily exported to spreadsheet and word processing programs.

CYMA contains hundreds of standard reports that are easily accessible throughout the product. FASB-117 compliant reporting is also available, with numerous reporting options. Utilizing optional third-party report writing tools such as Crystal Reports and F9 increases the user’s reporting options tremendously. Financial reports can be printed using a multi-column format, and all grant tracking reports have been enhanced for selection criteria in Version 11. The user-defined report list allows users to review the list of available reports and choose only the ones needed. All CYMA reports can be previewed on-screen for accuracy or they can be printed or exported to a variety of file formats including Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF, XML, RPT and HTML.

CYMA requires all new users to purchase its Software Maintenance Plan. Purchasing this plan ensures that users will receive all software updates, product enhancements and service packs. Numerous support options are available, including both unlimited telephone support and per-call support. CYMA Not-for-Profit users will also gain access to the CYMA Knowledgebase, which provides immediate access to FAQs and user experiences. Online training is also available, and CYMA offers informative training manuals for all modules, along with product tutorials that are easily accessible from the eDesk interface.

CYMA Not-for-Profit Fund Accounting Software modules start at $645 per module, with typical pricing (three base modules) costing $1,935 for a single-user system. Grant Tracking will cost an additional $395. This product is scalable and easily navigated, and would make a valuable addition to the small to mid-sized organization looking for increased tracking and NFP module functionality.