Qvinci Software — Qvinci Pro

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Founded in 2007, Qvinci Software is a data aggregator designed to work with QuickBooks and Excel. From the start, Qvinci’s focus was to create a way to improve financial reporting capabilities for small and mid-sized businesses that currently use QuickBooks and Excel.
Some of the feature categories found in Qvinci Pro include dashboards, aging reports, import/export Excel, proforma, valuations (such as book value and future value), triggers, break even analysis, and a variety of interesting calculations that include cost of a mistake, loans, lease vs. buy, and working capital. The product includes the following ratio options: current, quick, cash turnover, current liability, debt to assets, interest coverage, operating income margin and return on assets.

Download and installation of Qvinci took just minutes. Once installed, users will notice that this program was designed with the small business owner in mind, not the financial professional. The interface is decidedly simple with the icons and toolbar easily navigated by small business owners and financial personnel alike. Icons at the top of the screen contain drop-down arrows to the right that present a variety of options such as build chart, build sheet, tools & ratios, and many others. The main screen contains basic system options such as files, folders, pages, management tools, refresh data, options, and Help.

Qvinci contains a Dashboard Wizard to help get started, but users also have the option to build a dashboard from scratch. Qvinci works by connecting with either QuickBooks or Excel data, then displaying that data in a variety of easy-to-understand formats. Data can be displayed utilizing various timeframes, so users can track and monitor essential information on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, depending on the needs of the business and the information that is being accessed.

Small business owners will definitely appreciate the dashboards and other graphics. Both easily point out important business trends, allowing business owners to quickly spot trouble and take corrective measures before problems escalate. The AR and AP dashboards provide valuable information, so management will always know what is going out as well as what is expected in.

Using Qvinci can also help a business grow by assisting with saving money and helping users make better decisions about when and where to spend money. Another feature bound to be popular with both business owners and their accountants is the ability to drill down to the underlying data behind reports.

Qvinci is available as a monthly subscription for $29.99 per month and will work with QuickBooks 2005 through 2010 Pro, Premier and Enterprise Editions. However, it will not currently work with QuickBooks Point of Sale or QuickBooks Online. The program is easily navigated, but for those who need additional help, the Qvinci website is readily available and offers a variety of training videos. For small business owners who have been frustrated by the lack of management reports available in QuickBooks, Qvinci offers an affordable solution that will produce real results.