Review of PayrollOnline - 2010


CompuPay - Payroll Online

From the Sept. 2010 Review of Professional Payroll Systems

CompuPay offers three web-based payroll systems: XpressPayroll, PowerPayroll and PayrollOnline, with the last being the most comprehensive solution. PayrollOnline is available in Basic, Advanced and Premier versions, and provides options for businesses who wish to fully outsource the payroll processing, check delivery and compliance functions, while retaining HR management and providing employees with direct deposit and self-service online portals. The program fits our “Outsourced/Referral” model of payroll systems, where an accounting firm performs little or none of the payroll tasking, but may have the ability to access reports and data export functions. CompuPay also offers a variety of add-on services, including HR, retirement, health spending, and workers’ comp options.

As its name would suggest, PayrollOnline is a completely web-based system, designed primarily for direct use by businesses and with the ability to handle any number of employees. The program includes login security and user-based rights that can be used to limit access to specific areas, while enabling multiple staff to work in the payroll system at the same time. PayrollOnline allows for access to multiple accounts via one login with no logging in and out required.

PayrollOnline’s primary work area provides a clean interface with easy-to-understand and -use navigation structures, including a main menu that uses expandable text-based links to give access to key feature areas, including employee management, employee HR, company data, payroll functions, company-level HR management and system security features. Reporting functions are available from a separate panel that provides quick access to payroll, tax and managerial output options. Data-entry screens are intuitive, with selection lists and calendars for quick entry and multi-employee views for batch entry, editing and approval of time and other data. Pricing for PayrollOnline is based on the number of employees and the frequency of payroll runs, with the ability to set up multiple pay groups, departments or other units, each with varying frequencies, if necessary. The program can support all wage types, including salary, part-time, tipped, commissioned, bonus and multiple overtimes, as well as reimbursements. Unlimited deductions can be created per employee, allowing for the tracking and payment of garnishments, insurance and other pre- and post-tax withholding. The system supports multi-state employees with unlimited states.

PayrollOnline includes tax tables and processing for federal and all states and localities, with the vendor handling all compliance filings and payments as a service. This includes all quarterly and annual wage and hire reports, as well as workers’ comp, check delivery (can also be printed on-site), direct deposits to up to 99 accounts per employee, and third-party payments. Accruals management features are included, and additional benefits options allow for provision of 401(k) with employer matching and vesting, flexible spending accounts, and COBRA administration.

The primary user functions of PayrollOnline center around live payroll processing, employee data management and HR functions, with all quarterly and annual reporting and payments to federal, state and local entities performed by CompuPay as a part of the PayrollOnline service. The vendor also manages workers’ comp reporting and payments. The program includes reporting that notifies users of deadlines and funds necessary in payment accounts, and also offers automated email alerts for payroll run approval processes. The program’s managerial reporting options include payroll summaries, registers, wages, deductions, benefit accruals, benefits, labor distribution and job costing. Reports can be edited using the built-in report writer for more extensive user customization. Output is also available to PDF and HTML formats. Employee data and HR management screens provide good overviews of wages, deductions, histories, and tracking options for training and custom data.

PayrollOnline integrates with the add-on HR and benefits services available from CompuPay, and the payroll system includes a GL function for exporting data into common formats for import into QuickBooks, Peachtree and other accounting systems. The program can import from most time clock systems, and CompuPay also offers an employee timekeeping and attendance program that can be used with biometric or swipe clocks, telephone entry, web-based punch-in and mobile devices. The system also offers bidirectional integration with Sage Peachtree.

PayrollOnline is easy to use and includes a basic Help utility, while the vendor’s online resource center has payroll tools and calculators, form downloads, FAQs and training options. It does not have an online user community. As a web-based system, all program and tax table updates are automatically maintained by the vendor. Live, phone-based technical support is included with pricing.

The web-based program is intended for direct use by businesses, providing an intuitive interface for entering employee data and time, and with the ability for system administrators to limit user access to specific program areas. Employee portals are also offered, allowing them to view paystubs and W-2s, although there are no HR or benefits management self-service options. The PayrollOnline interface is completely CompuPay branded.

PayrollOnline is a comprehensive payroll system with outsourced compliance management, providing business users with streamlined data-entry and processing functions, excellent benefits options, employee portals and other features. It is a good option for professionals who wish to have their clients manage their own processing functions with the guidance of a vendor, and while having the option for the firm to have online access to client payroll functions if necessary. Pricing is based on the number of employees and payroll frequency, with a 10-employee biweekly scenario starting at about $61 per payroll, inclusive of direct deposit, the federal/state/local filings and payments service, ESS, workers’ comp, and new hire reporting.