The iPad Wins Over an Apple Skeptic

Over the past few months, many in the technology-focused media have been talking about the iPad. No, actually, they’ve been star-crossed, head-over-heels in love with it … or totally opposed to it. The largest tech media outlets even received demo units months in advance of the March debut. There were no freebies for us, however. If we wanted one, we’d just have to wait in line like everybody else. And I’m not sure that Apple would have wanted to send a unit to me for review, anyway, considering that over the past several years, I’ve written skeptical and even directly negative things about the iPod, the iPhone, Mac computers and Apple in general.

Apple fans, especially iPhone users, have told me time and again that I just don’t get it. Of course, that helps me prove my point, since it emphasizes that the selection between computing models is subjective. So when the costs for one can be double that of the other … well, the creative and subjective rarely beats the utilitarian. That’s why the PC computer is ubiquitous, especially in most business environments. It is cheaper and … well, almost as good.