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Intacct Corporation — Intacct Online 877-968-0600   Best Fit: Entities that have outgrown off-the-shelf programs, require greater integration, subscription-revenue accounting. Ideal for service-based businesses, hospitality industry and technology providers. Also ideal for accounting practices that want to run the system in-house and offer access to clients through portals as a solution provider. Strengths: Exceptional […]

Isaac M. O'Bannon

Intacct Launches Performance Cards, New Dashboard Visualization Feature

Cloud accounting and business management developer Intacct has announced the launch of Performance Cards, new dashboard visualizations that provide users with at-a-glance views into critical performance trends. Built directly into the Intacct financial management system, Performance Cards are easy to create, require no custom code development or additional software, and leverage Intacct’s dimensional general ledger to provide a broad range of financial and operational insights for improved decision making.

Isaac M. O'Bannon