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February 2013

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2013 Review of Thomson Reuters Accounting CS

Thomson Reuters – Accounting Best Fit: Full-service accounting practices that provide periodic client services that include account reconciliations, journal and ledger management, financial reporting and other functions associated with write-up, and want a system that integrates with a larger suite of professional programs. Strengths Built-in trial balance utility Direct integration with tax, payroll, portals […]


Xero Partner Program – Accountant Version

Xero Partner Program – Accountant Version800-411-9376 Best Fit: Technologically progressive firms wanting a completely web-based professional accounting solution for use in performing periodic client write-up services, including account reconciliations, payroll reporting, ledger and journal management, and financial reporting. Strengths Online bank integration supports many deposit and credit card accounts Reconciliation tools simplify classification of […]


2013 Review of QuickBooks Online Accountant

Intuit, Inc. – QuickBooks Online Accountant800-267-8379 Best Fit: Professionals seeking a web-based professional write-up solution that integrates directly with their clients’ versions of QuickBooks Online. Strengths Multiple client management in single online program Accountant Center with tools for books review and clean up Simple connection to clients’ QuickBooks Online Reporting options include PDF, Excel output […]


2013 Review of AccountantsWorld – Accounting Relief

AccountantsWorld – Accounting Relief888-999-1366 ext Best Fit: Public accountants providing write-up services for multiple clients, who also want to take their firm and clients to a web-based solution that gives the professional anytime access to their clients’ live data, eliminating data transfer. Strengths Integrated web-based professional and client-side bookkeeping Anytime access to live client […]


2013 Review of QuickBooks Accountant 2013

Intuit, Inc. – QuickBooks Accountant Best Fit: Accounting practices providing write-up features for clients that use QuickBooks. Strengths Accountant version includes all industry-specific versions of QuickBooks Streamlined navigation and interface Batch and pasting of thousands of transactions at once Output to PDF, Excel and other formats Built-in client invoicing and electronic payment options Mobile […]


2013 Review of Micronetics Accounting Xpert Enterprise Edition Client Write-Up

Micronetics, Int’l. – Accounting Xpert Enterprise Edition Client Best Fit: Accounting Xpert is designed for accounting professionals serving multiple clients of any size, including mid-sized and larger enterprises with consolidation needs and multiple locations. Strengths Supports consolidated and multi-division, multi-location entities Offers reporting for any desired time period/years Strong reporting and financials customization Newly-added […]


2013 Review of CYMA 13: Financial Management System

CYMA Systems, Inc. – CYMA 13: Financial Management Best Fit: Accounting firms that offer write-up, payroll compliance and reconciliation services to mid-sized and larger business clients, particularly consolidated entities and those with multiple locations or subsidiaries. Businesses can also use the system in-house. Strengths Good customization options Support for consolidations of multi-division/location entities Good […]

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