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Mike Galarza

CEO and Founder, Entryless

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Entryless provides Accounts Payable Software as a Service. Our platform offers a comprehensive, fully automated accounts payable solution that eliminates manual tasks, improves efficiency of bill management, and accelerates the bill payment itself. Our company was founded by Mike Galarza, a driven technology innovator with extensive experience in the accounting and finance arena. The Entryless management team possesses deep expertise in multiple disciplines, giving us unique perspective on both the challenges faced by accountants and the solutions best suited to meet them. Entryless platform frees up staff resources by crunching and syncing all accounts payable data into accounting systems. This gives companies 100% online visibility to their AP data from day one. They never manually enter a bill into their accounting systems. Companies are able to speed up their accounting process and balance accounts without time-consuming and error-prone manual entry. Businesses using Entryless reduce the amount of time they spend doing their monthly accounting by as much as 90%. Innovative accountants around the world adopt Entryless to increase their efficiency and differentiate their practice.

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