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Jim Boomer (WB)

Jim Boomer

CPA.CITP; CEO, Boomer Consulting

Phone: 785-537-2358 x114

Jim Boomer is the CEO of Boomer Consulting, Inc. He is the director of the Boomer Technology Circles ™ and an expert on managing technology within an accounting firm. He also serves as a strategic planning and technology consultant and firm adviser in the areas of performance and risk management. In addition, Jim is leading a new program, The Producer Circle, in collaboration with CPA2BIZ and the AICPA. Jim was selected for the 2011 AICPA Leadership Program and the inaugural class of the KSCPA’s "20 Under 40” Leadership Program. He has been named to The CPA Technology Advisor’s "Forty Under Forty” and "Top 25 Thought Leaders” lists multiple times.

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Is Your Firm Playing Above the Line?

There is a lot of interest, discussion and action taking place around client accounting and advisory services these days. Firms are recognizing the opportunities offered by advances in technology and cloud accounting systems. However, it’s not the technology platform driving this movement, rather firms’ desire to transition from a trusted technical advisor to a trusted business advisor. Before you even get into the discussion about which cloud accounting platform is right for your firm and clients, you must first ask if your firm is prepared to play above the line.