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Dave McClure

Contributing Writer/Columnist

Dave McClure is a U.S. Air Force veteran who flew a B-52 bomber during the Cold War, then became an Air Force Information Officer to hone his skills as a writer, editor and communications manager. He has since been a consultant in business and technology for more than three decades, with degrees in applied science and Organizational Development, with an MBA in Executive Management. He has consulted with companies ranging from Microsoft to General Electric, and has held positions as an accounting software marketing director, media editor, network engineer and professional beta tester for computer hardware and software . His career includes eight years with the NASA Space Shuttle program for BFGoodrich, more than 20 years writing for business and accounting publications, and his tenure as founder and president of the US Internet Industry Association. He is a global expert on IT, Internet and management issues, and currently serves as the co-chair of the International Internet Industry Alliance.    

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