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What SMBs Want from Their Accountant – Have You Asked?

We’re in the middle of a fundamental shift – from client-centric accounting, where clients do their own bookkeeping and then send the records (often full of errors) to the tax preparer once a year – to an accountant-centric model, where accountants use cloud-based tools to provide accounting services as well as higher level consulting services. This shift is forcing the profession to reexamine the whole model of the practice.

Doug Sleeter


Zero Dollar Check Job Costing in QuickBooks – Using Timesheets, Items, and Clearing Accounts

Read the blog post complete with screen shots here: The data file is downloadable , in 2012 format. One common challenge small businesses have when booking payroll in QuickBooks is in terms of how to job cost your employees; payroll. This video and the blog post linked above show you a really cool trick in QuickBooks that let's you book your payroll in your accustomed manner (using a journal entry to book the total Gross Wages, Payroll Liabilities, and Employer Taxes) and then using timesheets, some two sided items, a couple of clearing accounts, and a little zero dollar check trick you can get your payroll job costed quickly, easily, and fairly painlessly!


Why Do Accountants and Bookkeepers Limit Themselves

Read the blog post here: From The Sleeter Group. Accountants and Bookkeepers limit themselves because they are told to focus on just a few industries. This video explains and demonstrates using QuickBooks 2013 why I disagree with that statement. My hope is that by the end of this video you will see that when you understand the fundamentals it really doesn't matter what the company is selling. The Accounting and Bookkeeping is basically the same and all you are changing are the descriptions around the transactions. You still have to buy inventory at one price and sell it at a higher price, regardless of that that inventory is. Then you can pay for a service at one rate and sell it at a higher rate, regardless of what that is.