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SAX Launches New E-Learning Platform for CPAs

Top 100 accounting, tax, and advisory firm SAX LLP has launched a new talent development initiative, leveraging the adaptive e-learning platform, Amplifire.

Top 100 accounting, tax, and advisory firm SAX LLP has launched a new talent development initiative, leveraging the adaptive e-learning platform, Amplifire. This initiative addresses the need for continuous skill advancement amidst the rapid changes brought about by automation, globalization, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Recognizing the diminishing shelf-life of traditional skills in the accounting profession,

SAX’s platform aims to equip professionals with skills that address modern challenges, with a continued learning approach that helps them to keep up with the ever-changing industry. The firm’s new initiative leverages Amplifire’s brain science-based, adaptive learning platform, which tailors the learning experience to each individual’s specific needs, focusing on specific learning gaps rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. This patented method accelerates the time to competency and enhances long-term retention of key information.

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The program is structured around a flipped learning model, where employees engage with online courses at their own pace and convenience, followed by participatory, live virtual workshops. These workshops are designed to simulate real-world scenarios, fostering an environment where learners can apply their knowledge, interact with peers, and gain insights from the firm’s internal experts. The program will offer SAX’s client-facing CPAs and tax professionals courses ranging in topics, such as tax compliance, auditing, soft skills, and beyond.   

At SAX LLP, the company’s growth strategy is centered on innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technology.

“Innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technologies are paramount to SAX’s overall growth strategy,” said SAX LLP CEO and managing partner Joseph Damiano. “By adopting advanced technologies such as AI, the firm enhances its efficiency in traditional accounting tasks while ensuring accuracy and compliance.”

SAX’s flexible learning solution is available worldwide, allowing team members across the U.S. and India to access. Moreover, the collaboration with peer firms through the Accounting Alliance enriches the learning ecosystem, providing a broader spectrum of courses and expertise.

“By investing in our team’s continuous development, we are not only preparing them for the challenges of today but also empowering them to lead in the evolving landscape of the accounting and advisory industry,” said SAX LLP Director of Learning & Development, Nick Romanowski.

SAX’s commitment to fostering an environment of continuous growth and development is a testament to its dedication to excellence and innovation. This new professional learning initiative seeks to set a new standard, expediting career progression and enabling the firm to swiftly adapt to industry changes.