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Patriot Software Names Kyle Dreger as New CEO

Patriot Software’s founder and former CEO, Mike Kappel has introduced that Kyle Dreger is the new CEO of Patriot Software, effective immediately.


Patriot Software’s founder and former CEO, Mike Kappel has introduced that Kyle Dreger is the new CEO of Patriot Software, effective immediately.

Kappel, known as the feisty and gritty founder that started the first Patriot Software company in the basement of a factory without heat or air conditioning, has once again taken the unconventional path. 

“Some entrepreneurs who have the title CEO wait too long to install their replacement. They just can’t give up control. Staying in charge feeds their egos, but it usually limits their company’s growth,” said Kappel. “I refuse to be ‘that guy’ who limits Patriot Software in any way. I’ve known for a long time that Patriot will experience hockey-stick growth and will need a better, faster, and smarter CEO than I am. Kyle Dreger is exactly that. So I began grooming Kyle as my CEO replacement 5 years ago. Then, I gave him the majority control of the company 2 years ago as a test.  He passed the test with flying colors!  So now Kyle has the CEO title and 100% control over the company, and I will work for him until I retire some years from now – or if he fires me.”

Kyle Quinn Dreger (KQD), Patriot Software's next CEO.
Kyle Dreger

Kyle Quinn Dreger (KQD) graduated from the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio., in 2014 with a double-major: a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing. He began with Patriot Software as a Software Engineering Intern, and quickly rose through the technical ranks with various design engineering titles.  He was promoted to Director of Product in 2019, VP of Product in 2020, and Chief Product Officer in 2021. Kyle is married to his college sweetheart, Emily, and enjoys raising his 3 beautiful children.

Quoting Kyle, “One of our investors once told me, Mike is a founder with a ‘capital F’. I’ve found he’s not only that, but also a leader who’s championed a culture of speed, quality, and obsession for helping the customer that permeates everything we do. He has laid a fantastic foundation, and my stepping into this role is the opportunity of a lifetime. Our team is gritty, talented, and driven. Together, we’re going to deliver tremendous value for millions of American businesses, and we’re just getting started.”

Patriot Software is disrupting the accounting and payroll industries with its low prices, highest customer reviews, and award winning software. Patriot offers cloud-based accounting, payroll, HR, and time & attendance solutions that help American businesses with up to 500 employees simplify their administrative tasks. Patriot’s US-based Customer Support Team provides a personal touch that most software companies lack today. The company has been serving tens of thousands of businesses nationwide since 2002.