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Small Business

BlueFaucet App Focuses on Small Business Management

BlueFaucet focuses on inviting customers back, finding new business opportunities, providing marketing tools, and reducing merchants' workloads.

BlueFaucet has announced the rollout of its new app, which is designed to transform operations for businesses with fewer than five employees by organizing and managing daily tasks and client interaction with one or two clicks. Supporting small business is top of mind for BlueFaucet as it partners with personal-related, house-related, and restaurant merchants. The company has opened enrollment in a beta program for the app, with the first one hundred merchants signing up receiving one free year of membership.

Small business owners often struggle with promotions. Small merchants tend to serve the same community for many years. They count on repeat customers to sustain their business, but with limited resources and manpower, small merchants often choose the “waiting strategy,” which means waiting for customers to come. This is not ideal for business. 

Customers don’t like to wait, either. They don’t like waiting for merchants to call for appointments or orders or waiting in line for pickups or making payments, especially when they find out they missed the chance to use coupon. BlueFaucet offers solutions to change merchants’ passive waiting to the proactive invitation, with no more waiting or missing changes to save money for customers. This is an example of how BlueFaucet is one of the very few apps that balance both merchants and consumers, help merchants do more business, and help consumers save time and money.

BlueFaucet focuses on inviting customers back, finding new business opportunities, providing marketing tools, and reducing merchants’ workloads. Merchants can send invitations or promotions to selected target customers, all customers, those who haven’t come back for three months, or the top 10 customers in the last month.

BlueFaucet provides a Coupon Box to save customers’ coupons, promotions, or loyalty programs. When customers check out, BlueFaucet will check the customer’s coupon box and apply the coupon to the customers. The customers won’t miss any chances to save money. The app can also save customers time when using the Calendar function to make appointments or orders. Customers will be notified when the order is ready to pick up or has been completed. They can pay directly on BlueFaucet, with no more wasting time waiting on the phone or in line.

“BlueFaucet takes care of your company’s operations because we are your ideal business partner,” said Andy Wang. “The app will help you find new customers, retain customers, create promotions, and reduce your overall workload. With more than 30 million US small merchants, success lies in cultivating repeat customers.”

Wang continued, “Traditional purchasing strategies including advertisements, revenue sharing or employing booking systems can be expensive. Investments are no guarantee, when relying on customers organically finding their way to you.”

BlueFaucet also announced the start of its Affiliate and Sales Referral Program, which will compensate merchants or website owners who refer new members to the app.