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Lettuce Financial Launches LettuceHead AI to Answer Solopreneur’s Tax Questions 24/7

LettuceHead AI, an AI-powered knowledge base and tax hub purpose-built to meet solopreneurs' needs.

Lettuce, an accounting and tax solution for solopreneurs, has launched LettuceHead AI, an AI-powered knowledge base and tax hub purpose-built to meet solopreneurs’ needs. With a focus on addressing frequently asked tax questions, these businesses now have 24/7 access to LettuceHead AI.

The number of professionals opting for full-time independent work since 2020 has increased by 91%, and the number of solopreneurs making over $100,000 a year has increased by 53% during that same period (MBO). Despite this growth and their essential role in fueling the economy, solopreneurs remain largely underserved, lacking the right information to guide them regarding their business taxes. 

“Although they are key contributors to the economy, solopreneurs don’t have enough guidance about how to approach and manage the accounting and tax aspects of their businesses, costing them an average of $15,000 a year. Accountants who work with solopreneurs often are inaccessible, expensive, and lack the expertise and/or willingness to serve them well. Technology is the only way to scale the guidance to meet the need. Our goal at Lettuce is to democratize the world of taxes and accounting, and our LettuceHead AI embodies this mission by providing guidance to help solopreneurs navigate the tax landscape through immediate, accurate information and advice at no cost,” said Ran Harpaz, founder and CEO of Lettuce Financial.

LettuceHead AI provides: 

  • Free Access to Trustworthy Knowledge: Accessing accurate, dependable information is increasingly challenging, and specialized knowledge in areas such as tax and accounting for solopreneurs can be particularly difficult to find. LettuceHead AI tackles this problem head-on by providing immediate access to a curated knowledge base comprising thousands of documents from sources like the IRS, other official tax sources, and insights from tax and accounting experts. 
  • 24/7 Accessibility: LettuceHead AI is accessible anytime, anywhere, providing uninterrupted tax support and guidance at their fingertips, whenever solopreneurs need it most. This accessibility empowers solopreneurs to manage their finances efficiently without being constrained by traditional business hours or their accountant’s schedule.
  • Efficiency and Peace of Mind: The platform’s friendly and approachable interface, combined with its accuracy and relevance, enables users to make informed decisions confidently, freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on growing their businesses.

“LettuceHead AI’s ability to rapidly provide accurate answers tailored to solopreneurs is simply brilliant. I’m used to waiting hours, or even days, for an accountant’s response and feeling like they don’t fully grasp the nuances of running a business-of-one. Now I get immediate and accurate answers when I have questions, empowering me to manage my finances in real time and move on to serving clients and growing my business,” said Lisa Dini, a Lettuce BETA customer and owner of Lisa Dini Consulting.

LettuceHead AI is free to use. At launch, it will provide answers to common but impactful solopreneur tax questions. In the coming months, Lettuce customers will get personalized tax advice tailored to their specific circumstances based on data within its system, which Lettuce will automatically analyze.