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Ebonie Jackson, CPA, CGMA – 2024 Most Powerful Women in Accounting

Ebonie Jackson, CPA, CGMA

2024 Most Powerful Women in Accounting
SVP, CFO, Group Small Business Bank,

Bank of America

What is your favorite part of being a member of the accounting profession?

I find excitement in the varied nature of my work, from the analytical depths of scenario analysis to the creative challenge of transforming numbers into stories that captivate and inform. In the accounting profession, we get to leverage a multitude of skills daily, presenting business results in ways that help leaders gain a deeper understanding of their impact. This not only facilitates better decision-making but also reveals the significant influence their efforts have on both the organization and the community.

How have you personally seen the roles of women evolve in the accounting profession?

When I began my career in accounting, many women had to switch careers or leave the workforce entirely to start a family or take on caregiving roles. Despite some progressive companies that understood these challenges, most organizations fell short. You’d notice brilliant women leaders on the org chart, but their tenure often didn’t align with having children. They either stay long term without kids or re-entered the workforce after a break once their children were in school.

Nowadays, there’s a refreshing diversity. Women remaining with their organization for 20+ years, with companies allowing flexible responsibilities to fit each woman’s personal definition of being a working mom or caregiver. The need to step out and back into the workforce due to lack of support is diminishing; now women make those choices based on what’s best for them. It’s encouraging to see the numerous programs and services that support working moms and caregivers, though there’s always room to grow.

What do you anticipate will be the biggest change in the accounting profession in the next 10 years?

Looking ahead, I see the most significant transformation in the accounting profession over the next decade being our interaction with and utilization of AI and other emerging technologies. My hope is that we harness this technology effectively, using it to not only streamline processes but also to inspire and engage the next generation of accounting professionals.

What is your favorite professional mobile app, and why?

I’m passionate about reading and continuous learning, so my favorite mobile apps reflect that simplicity. I rely on Audible, Kindle, and LinkedIn Learning to keep my professional development on track.

What books have you read recently that you would like to recommend?

I’m inspired by a diverse range of books, including the Evans Family’s “Divine Disruption” by Dr. Tony Evans and his talented children, Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers,” Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life,” Barbra Minto’s “The Pyramid Principle,” Emerson Eggerichs’ “Love & Respect in the Family,” and John Maxwell’s “High Road Leadership”. These books provide a blend of wisdom, strategy, and personal & professional growth.


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