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Tech Gifts for 2024 College Grads

From a very thin and light phone grip to a very comfy desk chair, there’s bound to be a gift idea your grad will love. I’ve included list prices. You may find these items cheaper if they are on sale.


Jim Rossman
Tribune News Service

Here are a few more gift ideas for this year’s graduates.

From a very thin and light phone grip to a very comfy desk chair, there’s bound to be a gift idea your grad will love. I’ve included list prices. You may find these items cheaper if they are on sale.

ohsnap! Snap 4 Luxe ($39.99,

I have to admit, I am late to the phone grip party.

I’ve seen tons of people using pop-out handles and grips on the backs of their phones to help them hold on with one hand.

Those seem nice enough, but I slip my phone in and out of my back jeans pocket dozens of times per day and they look like they’d get in the way.

When I was asked to try out the Snap 4 Luxe from ohsnap!, the first thing I noticed was its low profile. It is just 2.5 millimeters thin, and it’s not any taller than the camera bump on my iPhone.

Another reason I stayed away from grips on the back of my phone is because I use a MagSafe charger to wireless charge. The Snap 4 Luxe is compatible with all MagSafe chargers.

The Snap 4 Luxe has a nano-adhesive to keep it connected to your phone or case. I stuck mine to my Apple leather case and it is easy to extend and use and it snaps open or closed with almost no effort. There are tiny magnets to keep it closed. You can remove it (with great effort) and run it under some water to reactivate the adhesive when you want to use it again.

The grip also functions as a kickstand, so you can prop up your phone to watch videos hands-free.

It comes in eight colors, including Ruby Red, Forest Green, Lavender and Midnight Blue.

Boulies EP400 office chair ($359.99,

The Boulies EP400 is the first office chair I’ve ever tried that can help you get your work done comfortably and then help you kick back and relax when you need a break.

The relaxation comes in the form of a footrest that extends out from the front to let you sit back and put your feet up like in your favorite recliner at home.

The EP400 has a unique design to provide support and movement based on your body. The very adjustable ergonomics and mesh fabric combine to cradle you into a really comfortable seating position.

I also want to point out the adjustable neck pillow (headrest) that can keep your head supported for extended worktime or for a quick nap.

The chair is adjustable in ways I didn’t know were possible, and finding just the right settings for you body is simple. It has a heavy aluminum wheelbase and a gas lift mechanism. Six-way adjustable armrests make sure your arms are supported for all-day desk tasks. Getting your arm in the right position for typing or mousing is critical to staying comfortable at your desk.

It is recommended for people up to 287 pounds and comfortable for heights from five foot seven inches to six foot three inches. The EP400 is available in grey or black.

The EP400 is a great chair and a certain upgrade to most any office setup or dorm room. Whether you want to sit upright to bang out a term paper or slouch to play video games, this one is a keeper.

ESR Qi2 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station ($72.99,

If you’re like me, you charge your phone on your bedside table.

I also have a small charger for my Apple Watch.

My phone is also my alarm clock, which Apple made easier by including a feature called StandBy mode, which turns your iPhone into an information screen when it’s charging and on its side.

The charger I’ve been testing most recently is called the ESR Qi2 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station, which is a single solution to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

As the name suggests, the charger has the new Qi2-certified 15-watt MagSafe charger, for the fastest wireless charging. There is also an Apple Watch charger, which can be removed if you don’t have an Apple Watch. The base also has a small wireless charging spot for your AirPods.

The charger includes a wall charger and a USB-C cable, which is all you need to charge your three devices. I like this charger so much that I pack it with me in my computer bag when I travel. Android phone users can use this charger if they have a MagSafe-compatible case.


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