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New Hire Screening Survey Helps Optimize WOTC Credits

Arvo claims that businesses can recoup $2,400 to $9,600 per eligible new hire with WOTC, because it helps employers screen applicants and confirm eligibility.

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Arvo Tech, which provides tax strategy solutions for small businesses, is launching a new version of its Work Opportunity Tax (WOTC) Credit program survey. The survey helps employers improve employee application rates and gather the data they need to take advantage of federal and state incentive programs aimed at helping them and increase WOTC certification rates.

Arvo claims that businesses can recoup $2,400 to $9,600 per eligible new hire with WOTC, because it helps employers screen applicants and confirm eligibility.

In order to claim these tax credits, employers must first apply for and receive a certification confirming a new hire is a member of a targeted group that has struggled to find employment, including veterans, ex-felons, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients. With Arvo Tech’s WOTC survey, employers can fit this process into their new hire application or employee onboarding, resulting in higher completions.

“Arvo Tech is committed to helping small businesses better understand and plan their short-term and long-term tax strategy, including how to get the most out of incentive programs,” said Terracina Maxwell, Co-founder and President at Arvo Tech. “By optimizing the Arvo WOTC survey for efficiency and accessibility, we can help more small businesses improve responsiveness and accuracy of employee data so they can leverage WOTC and other programs available to help them.”

Arvo’s new survey was developed following extensive research and hands-on testing to ensure ease of use. It is the first piece in Arvo’s end-to-end WOTC offering, which includes powerful integrations with leading business platforms like Gusto, TempWorks, and WurkNow. After providing tech to survey applicants, Arvo offers dedicated support for certification by way of their state workforce teams, as well as ongoing monitoring, reporting, and training to ensure optimal results. From there, Arvo’s WOTC portal provides real-time information and reports on the health of the WOTC program so that companies can better understand eligibility and recoup credits. 

“Before partnering with Arvo Tech, filing for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit was an extremely manual process – one that took a lot of time and did not allow us to fully maximize the benefits of WOTC,” said Elizabeth Ambriz, Operations Manager at Continental Labor & Staffing Resources. “We’ve been working with the Arvo Tech team for the last year and they have completely changed our WOTC process. Their WOTC survey is fully integrated into our application and is straightforward, easy to understand and fast to complete. The Arvo Tech team manages the filing from start to finish and shares all necessary information with us in comprehensive reports – freeing up our time to focus on other aspects of the onboarding process. Since working with Arvo Tech, we’ve seen a significant increase in the credits we have received.”

The WOTC offering is part of Arvo’s comprehensive tax planning solution, made possible by the company’s recent acquisitions of two full-service accounting firms. To learn more about how Arvo Tech is saving companies time and money while helping them maximize their financial future, visit