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FinQuery Launches FinQuery Contract Management to Transform Post-Signature Contract Management

FinQuery Contract Management offers a range of features to empower businesses with contract and spend intelligence:

FinQuery, a provider of solutions built to efficiently manage companies’ largest areas of spend, proudly announces the launch of FinQuery Contract Management, an AI-enabled solution that centralizes business contracts, designed to enhance visibility and empower wiser spending decisions. 

FinQuery Contract Management fills an important gap. Until now, contract management solutions have been geared primarily toward legal departments and have omitted essential post-signature business and financial needs, which lead to inefficiencies, errors and missed opportunities to optimize costs. Recognizing this challenge, FinQuery has developed a solution that streamlines the post-signature contract management process, providing financial and business leaders with valuable control and insights into spend and how to actively manage contractual relationships.

FinQuery Contract Management offers a range of features to empower businesses with contract and spend intelligence:

  • AI-enhanced Entry: Save time and resources by easily loading contracts into an AI-enabled interface. 
  • Accurate Budgeting and Forecasting: Leverage data in contracts to simply and accurately forecast cash flow and improve budgeting with just a few clicks.
  • Automated Alerts: Stay updated on crucial dates and milestones with automated alerts, preventing missed deadlines.
  • Centralized Repository: Securely store all contracts in a central location enabling access to all relevant employees.
  • Quick Search and Retrieval: Swiftly access contracts, identify key terms and provisions, and extract valuable insights through the dashboard and robust search functionality.
  • Full Audit Trail: Track contract changes and contracts with a detailed audit trail. 

“FinQuery Contract Management bridges a crucial gap left by traditional CLM solutions that gives business leaders the information they need to make wiser spending decisions,” said Justin Smith, CFO at FinQuery. “By extracting business insights that are otherwise buried within thousands of pages across hundreds of documents, it allows managers to work ‘on’ the business and not ‘in’ the business. Whether a team wants to understand committed spend vs. available spend, renewal windows and other critical dates, counterparty exposure by contract or other key provision, FinQuery Contract Management is a vital tool to help drive insights and ultimately better results.”

To learn about FinQuery Contract Management and how it can transform your contract management practices, visit the website here.