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Docyt Combats U.S. Accountant Shortage with the Launch of Docyt University

This free resource provides training to accountants to become certified on the latest advanced artificial intelligence accounting tools.

Docyt, a provider of AI-driven accounting automation technology, has launched Docyt University as a free resource for accountants and other financial personnel to train and become certified on the latest advanced AI accounting tools. The rich online curriculum centers on AI-driven accounting automation techniques that streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and give accountants a clearer path to achieving their business objectives.

The accounting profession in the United States has been in steady decline for the past decade, with enrollment in college-level accounting programs falling each year. Consequently, the number of candidates sitting for the CPA exam is receding at an annual rate of seven percent. Compounding the problem, an estimated 75% of actively practicing accountants are now eligible for retirement.

These and other factors are fueling a projected annual vacancy of approximately 136,400 accounting and auditing jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With fewer individuals entering the accounting workforce as a majority of accountants prepare to retire, the U.S. faces an accountant shortage that will continue to worsen if not proactively addressed. 

“The accounting workforce in the United States is shrinking quickly and, if left unchecked, this rate of decline will present significant challenges to businesses, and to the U.S. economy as a whole. There’s no simple way to combat this issue, but an important piece of the solution is training accountants on modern tools backed by AI that make it easier to do their jobs more accurately and efficiently,” said Sid Saxena, CEO of Docyt. “Offering Docyt University as a free resource to accounting professionals is a modest yet significant step to help accountants to excel in the AI era, enabling them to offer enhanced strategic value to their clients.”

Condensed Learning Modules, Taught by Experts

Docyt University includes an extensive catalog of more than 400 training modules, including self-paced video tutorials, live webinars and step-by-step guides that teach best practices, industry-specific knowledge in finance & accounting, and practical tools to help accountants advance their careers, grow their businesses and master new skills.

Courses are taught by a top-notch team of accounting authorities, including CPAs, accountants, financial professionals, industry specialists and Docyt AI experts. Docyt University’s curriculum caters to all learning styles with easy-to-understand content available on the Docyt University website and via Docyt’s mobile app.

Certification, CPE Credits & Networking Opportunities

Upon course completion, Docyt University members receive CPE credits, as well as badges they can use to showcase their achievements on LinkedIn to enhance their reputation and build credibility in the industry. Members also become part of Docyt University’s growing community of accountants, CPAs, business owners, finance executives and professionals. As an added bonus, graduates will be included in Docyt’s talent pool for future employment and other networking opportunities. 

A New Approach

Docyt University is unlike traditional accounting education in that it offers members the ability to tailor the training experience to suit their needs. It’s perfect for classically trained accountants who want to level-up their skill sets by learning new advanced AI tools and techniques. It also gives newcomers an easy onramp into the world of accounting with introductory tools, classes and tutorials to familiarize themselves with basic accounting practices and workflows.

Taking the First Step

Getting started with Docyt University is easy! Simply visit to register your interest to receive further information about registration.

Visit to learn more about the company’s AI-driven accounting automation platform, and follow Docyt on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the company’s latest news.