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InsightSoftware Sees 5 Year Growth Rate of 425 Percent

In the last twelve months, it brought several new critical solutions to market to eliminate manual tasks, address skilled labor shortages, and boost productivity for organizations.

Financial and operations software system provider insightsoftware has realized a 5-year growth rate of 425 percent. In the last twelve months, it brought several new critical solutions to market to eliminate manual tasks, address skilled labor shortages, and boost productivity for organizations.

Finance professionals are spread thin as they strive to do more with fewer resources. As global organizations adopt insightsoftware solutions, they can turn information into insights and streamline operations. More than 55% of CFOs still rely on manual solutions for compliance and regulatory needs, and 80% plan to maintain or increase enterprise-wide digital investments over the next two years. To increase efficiency, CFOs use connected solutions from insightsoftware to enable the speed, agility, and resilience required to meet business needs.

This January marked insightsoftware CEO Michael Sullivan’s one-year anniversary. Under his leadership, the company continued its explosive growth with two acquisitions, the launch of several new offerings, and the formation of three core business units: FP&A, Controllership, and Data and Analytics

“insightsoftware is the most comprehensive provider of solutions for the Office of the CFO. Our solutions are built on an advanced data layer that enables access to critical business and financial data. Through our cloud-based Platform, customers enjoy integration and faster decision-making across finance, accounting, and operations applications. Pre-built content and use cases automate previously manual tasks and give teams more time for strategic initiatives,” said Michael Sullivan, CEO of insightsoftware. “We’ve increased investment in key areas, including AI, ESG, and various multi-product bundles that automate previously manual tasks. We’re enabling teams to be more productive, giving time back for value-added activities.”

Additional 2023 highlights include:

  • The launch of the insightsoftware Platform, an integrated solution for organizations to close books, plan for the next budget, prepare taxes, and much more. The Platform facilitates the management of business rules and processes through a connected set of solutions, eliminating manual tasks, addressing skilled labor shortages, and boosting productivity within finance, accounting, and operations teams.
  • insightsoftware acquired Power ON and Vizlib, introducing offers for operational planning, reporting, and analytics for Power BI and Qlik users.
  • The introduction of extensive new capabilities to the Logi Symphony software suite. The solution now easily embeds self-service, end-to-end business intelligence and analytics (ABI) fused with artificial intelligence (AI) into any web-based application.
  • The integration of Spreadsheet Server with Infor Financials and Supply Management (FSM), grants finance teams more control over Infor FSM reporting, enabling them to spend less time preparing data and more time deriving new insights.
  • The expansion of the company’s Angles product line with Angles Professional for Oracle, providing Oracle ERP Cloud users the ability to customize, create, and share interactive dashboards and reports across all departments.
  • insightsoftware added more than 200 partners to its extensive partner network following the acquisition of Vizlib and ongoing innovation with products such as Jet Reports.
  • The evolution of Longview Tax enables organizations to confidently meet BEPS 2.0 Pillar Two requirements.