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Dave Mundy – 2023 “20 Under 40” Influencer


Dave Mundy – 2023 “20 Under 40” Influencer

President & Founder

Recent Career Highlights
2023 was an outstanding year. Dave led the team to achieve record growth, release new product, and deliver integrations that help customers avoid inconsistencies across disparate systems. With help from his outstanding team, Dave released Insights by AuditDashbaord, a proprietary suite of workflow metrics which turns data from project activities and client interactions into actionable business intelligence, a first in the profession. Dave also found it rewarding, fun and informative to engage with customers at world-class conferences hosted by strategic partners Allinial Global, BDO USA Alliance, LEA Global and PrimeGlobal. AuditDashboard now serves customers in over 20 countries worldwide.

What are you doing to make a difference in the profession, your community, the world?
Leading one of the profession’s fastest-growing independent, self-funded software companies doesn’t lend itself to a lot of spare time, but wherever possible, Dave loves to share ideas that are shaping the profession. In addition to being a proud husband and father of two, Dave generously donates to organizations close to the hearts of his customers and employees.

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