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Bryan Kesler, CPA – 2023 “20 Under 40” Influencer

Bryan Kesler, CPA – 2023 “20 Under 40” Influencer

Kesler CPA Review

Career Highlights

In 2023, the Kesler CPA Review team and I had the honor of being the CPA exam mentor of Jimmy Chilimigras, a 15 year old from Mississippi, and helping him become the youngest person to ever pass the CPA exam.

Full story here:

I’m very proud of the work our team accomplished updating our cutting edge test bank and mentorship modules for the 2024 CPA exam evolution.

Get a sneak peek here:

What are you doing to make a difference in the profession, your community, the world?
I’m hosting a book study for men in my local community and church and supporting my wife who is a director at a local not-for-profit that supports women in crisis.

Current Professional Reading / Listening
I’ve recently invested time learning about the story of Uber and how they disrupted an entire industry and the lessons that can be learned from bending the rules too far.

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