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Allen Stahl – 2023 “20 Under 40” Influencer

Allen Stahl – 2023 “20 Under 40” Influencer

Director of Strategic Services
Thomson Reuters

Recent Career Highlights
Over the course of my 15-year tenure at Thomson Reuters, I have navigated various roles within the company’s ecosystem, helping to shape the landscape of accounting technology with innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.

From my start in product support to my current position as the Director of Strategic Technology, My journey has been marked by pursuing a deep understanding of the evolving needs of accounting firms, demands of the market, and helping shape how TR can help firms fill in the gaps with Automation. Drawing from my experience as an account executive for the Strategic Top 100 accounting firms, I bring a wealth of insights to the table. By collaborating closely with product development, my automation team, and Thomson Reuters Leadership, we have spearheaded initiatives aimed at fostering openness and connectedness across the organization and across the industry.

What are you doing to make a difference in the profession, your community, the world?
In era defined by complexity and rapid digital transformation, Stahl’s dedication to innovation serves as a testament to Thomson Reuters’ ongoing mission to empower professionals with cutting-edge technology. This also impacts his community involvement. Outside of the office, raising 3 children alongside his wife has instilled in Stahl that technology will truly transform our lives but critical thinking and Ideation will be the catalyst which drives change and separates those who will succeed in future generations. This is why he and his family support Kids ‘N’ Stuff Museum, (Kids ‘N’ Stuff – Kids ‘N’ Stuff Children’s Museum- Home ( a local nonprofit that provides children with hands-on learning experiences that help them grow and think innovatively about the art of what’s possible. In his spare time he has also coached both soccer and softball for his children understanding that Team activities are building blocks for collaborative workspaces in the future.

Current Professional Reading / Listening
12 rules of Life by Jordan Peterson

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