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Jonathan Womack, CPA – 2023 “20 Under 40” Influencer

Jonathan Womack, CPA – 2023 20 Under 40 Influencer

COO / Founder
Audit Sight, Inc.

At Audit Sight, Jonathan is the COO and Founder of the cloud based technology aimed at eliminating the test of details performed by auditors and due diligence providers.  Jonathan serves at the intersection of CPAs and software engineers. So far the team automated testing over, cash, accounts receivable, revenue, expenses, proof of cash, and confirmations. Audit Sight was part of the 2023 AICPA and Startup Accelerator.

Before starting Audit Sight, Jonathan was the COO and Founder of InsightsOfficer, an automated bookkeeping platform later renamed Bookkeeping Connect. Bookkeeping Connect serves the platform enabling PwC’s cloud accounting services.

Jonathan began his career auditing privately-held companies at PwC that ranged in revenue from $50 million to $27 billion, and helped three clients go public. 

What are you doing to make a difference in the profession, your community, the world?

I am on a mission to transform the audit industry by removing mundane tasks that have long been a drain on resources and forced many CPAs to leave our profession. I still remember working until midnight in a windowless audit room. Most of my early career was not what I had envisioned it to be. I was a data entry specialist. With the technology we are building at Audit Sight, we can make our work as auditors both enjoyable and meaningful. My goal is to make every auditor’s life better so they can better serve their clients.

Current Professional Reading / Listening:

  • Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans is a must read for anyone struggling with work life balance.
  • The Accounting Podcast is how I keep up with technology and get my CPE.
  • Jason Staats Newsletter is doing a great job following AI in accounting.

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