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The Craziest Tech Gadgets at CES 2024

One of the distinct pleasures of being at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is exploring the 2.3 million square feet of exhibitions and seeing first-hand the bleeding-edge of technological innovation and deciphering if products are real or not. 

Roman Kepczyk, CPA, CGMA, attends CES 2024.

One of the distinct pleasures of being at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is exploring the 2.3 million square feet of exhibitions and seeing first-hand the bleeding-edge of technological innovation and deciphering if products are real or not. 

While accounting technology is our primary focus (Check out Roman’s CES 2024 Innovation Recap), there are gadgets you come across that are crazy, bizarre, or just plain weird. So in the vein of providing readers with a few moments of relief from the start of busy season, we share our list of the top craziest gadgets of CES 2024:

Rabbit R1: Is a(Wifi/Bluetooth) device similar to a smartphone companion that uses language commands rather than apps to invoke actions. It is AI-based on something called a “Large Action Model” vs. the Large Language Models (LLMs) that generative AI solutions. You could ask it to “reserve a direct flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix on January 21 between 5 and 6pm” and it would do so on your apps, including your preferences, pay for it and put it on your calendar without you having to swipe through a website or multiple apps on your phone to get it done. At $199 it is not priced abusively and may be a fun gadget to have to order your favorite meal or acquire movie tickets on the fly.

Skyted Silent Communication Mask: In addition to looking like Bane from the Batman movies, this device allows you to talk without someone on your smartphone without other parties within earshot being able to hear you or read your lips.  The mask has an advanced noise-absorption technology so your voice doesn’t leak out.  It is available via a Kickstarter campaign and while the targeted price is $799, you can sign up for the “Super Early Bird” right now for $299!

Skwheel One: Have you ever wanted to go skiing but there’s just no snow?  Well now you can with these electric cross-country skis that work both on the roads as well as out in nature. The developers said the top speed was a ludicrous 50mph “if used on private land,” but is throttled down to 16mph to maintain some level of control. These skis can take you about 19 miles on a single charge and are available via Indiegogo for $1,750.

Shift Robotics Moonwalkers X: Touted as the world’s fastest shoes that allow you to “walk at the speed of a run.” We saw these demoed allowing the person to glide along five times faster while maintaining a normal stride. I thought they were electric roller skates but apparently, they have an “adaptive A.I. drivetrain that adjusts to your cadence automatically.  The product was designed for factory workers that need to walk around A LOT but can be used to commute to work if you are within range.

Willtex WillCook Pouch/Backpack: Have you ever found yourself at lunch time with no place to grab a bite close by or without a microwave to warm up your lunch? Me neither, but if you ever happen to find yourself in that situation, the WillCook Pouch is your solution.  It is an electric warming system so you can pack your lunch: grilled cheese, soup, rice, whatever and it will cook all day until you are ready to eat it.  For larger lunches the TechRadar people found someone carrying the backpack version so you can carry your lunch while still doomscrolling on your smartphone.

Bemis BB1200 Smart Toilet Seat: Have you dreamed of going to the bathroom on a heated toilet seat, with an integrated warm-water bidet, and air dryer?  Well, this dream can come true in one comprehensive package that can be controlled by our smartphone, which realistically has replaced most people’s bathroom reading anyway.  I thought this might be a one-off device but… Nope, Kohler showed off their PureWash E930 model.  This toilet seat has its own Kohler Konnect app and is also Alexia and Google Home compatible making your toilet a next-level computing platform!

CaperCarts by Instacart: First it was the airplane trays on your flights and now advertisements are heading to a shopping cart near you! CaperCarts is the world’s first AI-powered shopping cart designed to eliminate the checkout line so you can shop autonomously! They claim to make shopping “magical” by keeping a running tab of what you have spent (which is 18% more than normal because of the stream of “deals” being pushed at you). Hope this thing never gets into COSTCO as our monthly spend is already at the level of a small country’s GDP!

And for those of you with pets…

Pawport: Pawport is a smart, secure motorized dog door that responds to the Bluetooth collar tag that will open the door when your pet is close to it to let the pet in or out (and notify you on he app). You can put a “Curfew” on the door if you don’t want your dog to go out during certain parts of the night and this gadget comes with adjustable “mood” lighting to custom tailor to your dog’s personal preferences.  (

Sunny Wave Tech Dogsplay Pet Media Box: Yes, you read that right a media box for your dog including a display optimized for canine unique vision, a full-range speaker optimized for their unique hearing, and a subscription to Dogflix (multi-media crafted to delight your dog).  (

Flappie: Ok, not to leave out cats, Flappie AI has integrated artificial intelligence for “prey detection.”  What is prey detection you ask?  Well, cat owners know that their beloved likes to bring them gifts like birds, mice and even lizards here in Arizona. When the AI detects “prey” it locks the door so they can’t bring it in.  (

Well, that wraps up some of the fun we had at CES this year.  To learn about the more serious products and trends, be sure to read our 2024 CES Innovations article.


Roman H. Kepczyk, CPA.CITP, CGMA is director of Firm Technology Strategy for Rightworks and partners exclusively with accounting firms on production automation, application optimization and practice transformation. He has been consistently listed as one of INSIDE Public Accounting’s Most Recommended Consultants, Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People, and CPA Practice Advisor’s Top Thought Leaders