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Avii Launches Avii E-Sign

Key benefits of Avii E-Sign include its user-friendly interface and deeply integrated automations.


Avii, a leading provider of accounting software, today announced the addition of Avii E-Sign to its extensive platform for accounting firms. Avii E-Sign is seamlessly automated throughout Avii Workspace, offering accounting professionals a native digital signature solution that ensures security and integrity of documents, enhances efficiency and productivity, and uplifts user experiences for both accountants and their clients.

Traditionally, digital signature solutions require third-party software, additional licenses, and require clients of accounting firms to have an independent login for the 3rd party digital signature system. Avii takes a different approach by embedding a native digital signature tool directly into its platform, eliminating the need for third-party software and significantly reducing administrative burden on both the firm and its clients. 

Accounting professionals can leverage Avii E-Sign across a wide range of accounting scenarios, including signatures on engagement letters, audit documentation, certain tax documentation, client accounting services (CAS), and other accounting-related processes that do not require Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA).

Key benefits of Avii E-Sign include its user-friendly interface and deeply integrated automations. Avii E-Sign delivers smooth and streamlined experiences, allowing users to efficiently manage their digital signatures within Avii Workspace without the need to switch between multiple applications. Avii E-Sign also automates tracking, notifications, communications, e-signed file name creation and storage, as well as task and project management workflow advancement in accordance with client’s Avii Workspace settings. This eliminates numerous pre- and post-signature activities for firm administrators and engagement managers.

Avii is extending a promotion to current and new customers. Existing Avii customers with licenses for Avii Enhanced Core + Automation and those who sign a new contract for those platform modules during Q4 2023 will receive Avii E-Sign free of charge for the coming three years. 

“We are excited to introduce Avii E-Sign as the latest addition to our comprehensive accounting workspace,” said Lyle Ball, CEO & Co-Founder at Avii. “This native digital signature solution empowers accounting professionals with a seamless, secure, and efficient way to manage their signatures, reinforcing our dedication to simplifying the accounting process and providing exceptional value to our customers.”

Avii E-Sign is available now, providing accounting professionals with a powerful tool to enhance their workflows, automations, and document management directly within Avii Workspace.